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''Cohen gives his version of mining the more bucolic name “farming.” Similar to bitcoin, participants compete to win Chia cryptocurrency in a race that also processes transactions. Unlike in Nakamoto’s system, maximizing your chance of winning depends on amassing disk storage space, not running more powerful—and energy-hungry—hardware. ‘’


He’s not giving his version of mining anything, is he. :grimacing:


Cloudflare’s “gateway” system opens the door to the decentralized web

Cloudflare aims for IPFS to become a legitimate alternative to the four-letter internet acronym that begins almost every web address: HTTP (which stands for hypertext transfer protocol).

Nice - except that all traffic goes through Cloudflare :persevere:


43m, but essential. Pence calling out communist China on a bunch of stuff, including the surveillance state and the Orwellian credit system. Called out Google’s Dragonfly app specifically. If geopolitics is your thing, this speech is key. Almost unbelievable that the news doesn’t report this.


Jippy something to substitute prism.exchange :sob: that’s shutting down. Btw this is not investment advice, do your own research.



I’ve asked a few people on twitter how this fits with the goals of IPFS and had no replies, and whether they include privacy and security. It seems a backwards step and I’m not sure they know why they’re doing it.


Money, fame, power, pride, sex - well maybe not the last one. I did notice that Juan has a distinct swagger about himself these days, notably more so than a couple of years ago. Nowt wrong with that of course and good luck to him, but startups can be exceptionally vulnerable to corporate flattery after the first flush of success.


I suspect more so in places like the crypto community, even late comers. It’s all the “money for nothing” (dire straits) approach to it. I think that song sums up a lot of the approaches, “that ain’t working and that’s the way we do it!” seems to resonate. Also knock up a quick javascript wallet, claim AI and blockchain and solving the worlds problems is 3 weeks is very suspicious.

IPFS/filecoin/protocol labs are interesting. They did something with IPFS, got nice adoption, but I believe it falls very short of the decentralised web or whatever. However, they did something and folk love that (so do I) but to the extent that building on it now looks weird as the fundamentals of a dweb are not there in IPFS (security etc.) and to add that now is a hard gig. Then squeezing a blockchian in there seems even more strange. I could be wrong, I certainly was with bitcoin, so who knows. It does feel a little strange though, much like X is now using blockchain for Y, much of it makes no sense to me. We will see I suppose, but I think the hard path is the only way we will make a real impact, no halfway houses, no bits of a solution over time, but release a network that meets the fundamentals and only those, no more, no less, and that is the minimum viable product in reality.

We could release self-encryption, parsec, crust and such like, but these are building blocks and not really products. Yes I know libs can be products and if we did enough work it can be so, but we have no time or bandwidth to dedicate to that. So our MVP is the minimum network that meets the fundamentals we published. Anything less is likely not a product.

I suspect though, IPFS, IOTA, Ethereum and many more will “partner” with any known name or service to get to mainstream adoption and it likely does not matter what the result of those collaborations is, but it gets the name out. So who knows, it may be correct? I feel it may also be dangerous though and send a mixed message or a diluted message, although who knows. Its all a game, just a game :wink:


All I want for Xmas is Alpha 3 and price at USD3 :sunglasses:


Me too!! :money_mouth_face:


Tell me more, tell me more (Grease - Summer Nights)


I got an early version of the paper and tried out the code, but figured nobody would burn electricity to keep it secure. I was also put off by its singular use an lack of security etc. How wrong was that :wink:

Boots on the Ground - Alpha 2 campaign

Why we need to make current servers redundant


I think you mean obsolete.


Just dropping this here if there is interest in nominating SAFE to Crypto app. I think needs to be someone from the devs to nominate it.





New Zealand is only catching up to other countries with that password one. We’ve had that for some years now and even was “upgraded” to a max of 10 years in jail for not giving up your password for doing so. And its not just tourists, but everyone going in or out of the country.


I never got the chance to visit New Zealand. Nature seems fantastic there, but maybe I’ll skip it now. Then again, if everybody else is doing it we’re screwed any which way.

But maybe this actually creates a business opportunity for some countries. Kind of like the Netherlands make a ton of money just by allowing people to smoke weed in some coffee shops. I’m sure the marketing people here can come up with better slogans, but here is mine: “Welcome to country X. Keep your phone and your smile!”

Is anybody aware of a good site listing countries with good privacy laws? (I think Finland is sort of ok, but it’s SO cold and dark here.)

EDIT: By the way, that short video @19eddyjohn75 posted a couple of posts up is great.


“Welcome to the SAFE network, with it every phone is your phone.” :wink: