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And another comical example of some culture/language based censorship by one of the big American internet giants: Facebook bans election candidate.


If they can’t go after you for the thing they don’t like about your activities, they frame you or make up something, e.g. sexual assault allegations. The British powers that be destroy lives more subtly, but those days are close to the end…this year.

Remember, Remember…

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Indeed not an easy task.

(I work for Purism but not on freeing the bootloader - but I do follow that work with interest).

More realistically in China however, than buying american bootloader-freed laptops, is the option of running cheap ARM-based devices instead - e.g. Pinebook: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinebook


Jenga: Special Babylon Edition.


Been living in that world in Australia for a number of decades now. We can even be taken to court because an officer heard us swearing. Its not the swearing that is illegal but that someone could hear us.

Nothing new about that really. They have been doing that for centuries.

And to make it easier there have been a number of laws introduce that means they do not need trumped up charges, everyone in AU is a crime doer of some sort. Even the Country Woman’s Association can have its members arrested with the association laws in our state and the others are similar.

What is new is the ease they can do it now.

But if they tried on the Maidsafe team then they still have not stopped development on SAFE. But in addition to what I said they have not done it to a team developing a protocol either. History can teach us much and help to dispel many conspiracy theories.


50,000+ still-sealed US federal indictments since Oct 2017. Yearly average? @1,000

One day, very soon, the hammer will drop on all of these clowns.

“Watergate x 1,000”, I’ve heard it said.


I don’t know what it is about Trello, but it feels like the service of choice for disclosing passwords and API keys (though github may lead the pack for that second category).



Engadget: The Google graveyard: Remembering three dead search engines.


My old boss (wrote one of the first books in UK on SEO , “Lost and Found in Cyberspace”) used to speak with AltaVista regularly in the olden days of SEO, and making primitive (compared to today) websites.

A couple of screenshots from the way back machine of our “tech previews”. :slightly_smiling_face:


FoodPages can only get better and better.

Did it?


CoinDesk: Coinbase Gears Up for Biggest-Ever Expansion of Crypto Asset Listings -







Saw a familiar logo on a book today.


it’s clear that attackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s code that impacted “View As” […]. This allowed them to steal Facebook access tokens which they could then use to take over people’s accounts.

[…] around 90 million people […]

Up to 90 50 million Facebook users possibly had their accounts taken over.



Facebook just keeps on giving and getting away with it