What’s up today?




If anybody wonders, I do know that the consensus algorithm is asynchronous and that the rockets are landing synchronised, but the focus is that “nothing is impossible!!!”. :slight_smile:


That’s not going to please the ‘to the moon’ crowd. It’s going the wrong way…


Haha, but if you can land rockets back on earth then you can forget about the Moon and instead shoot for Mars or out of the solar system. :wink:


I think this is where you’re headed


Exactly. :slight_smile: (Atleast 20 Charct…)



Maid alittle change. :wink: :joy:

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic

Hey everyone, the update will be Thursday as normal, the marketing team is putting out snippets and teasers before then. Hope you are not disappointed. The wait will be worth it as this result will speed up the development significantly and also answer questions others are desperately trying to find. I will say more on Thursday, but its time we as a community start to say it like it is and stop the nonsense. This is a huge proposition, disbelieved by many but now will be proven by all of us. Our time is now folks, you will see. Home straight here we come :wink:

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic

Amazing! Look forward to it! Time to change the world


Blimey… [20 characters]


Vindicated :fireworks:


This makes sense to me. It will entice people to check in and see the good news, I’m not disappointed at all. This is a very exciting time for everyone and I’m really proud to be here to witness such a fantastic leap.


I’ve been sitting here for ages just taking this statement in. Wow.


I have noticed a certain confidence to your posts recently and now there seems to be a bit of a swagger too! :sunglasses:

After being part of the modest community since it formed, this is deeply encouraging. Keep up the great work!


Such a difference - I’d grown to accept a far of distant target, steady & solid progress, but no fireworks yet.
The change in tone, something big is up…


It won’t be a mess to wait till Thursday for such a great update. These few days will make me more curious and excited


I am as giddy as a little school girl :blush:


I propose this to Everyone, No Comments until you’ve read the entire update.

Can we do that this one time?


First! 20 characters…


Errrr… no. [20 characters]