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Tell me more about this please. I’m very interested.


Perhaps move this to another thread if it goes on, but yes the days of ‘no-one ever got fired for buying IBM’ are long gone. In fact if one were to go all in on IBM’s cloud services which are way behind AWS and Azure and Google then the chop could be swift and brutal. IBM have lost the war in the cloud and have ditched their hardware divisions, but they still have a big installed base in large corporations, and particularly banks, so they see blockchain as a way of getting a head of their rivals in their favourite niche. I was reading somewhere recently that initial trials have been disappointing though, and some banks are having second thoughts.


IBM matches Amazon in enterprise cloud and is way ahead of Google. IBM doesn’t compete with Azure on blockchain, in fact Azure hosts the Hyperledger Fabric which is a IBM seed and supported by IBM developers.

IBM recently launched its financial product “IBM Blockchain World Wire” using the Stellar network. This is now out of beta. This will compete with Ripple.

I think it’s fair to say IBM chases noone and is not using blockchain to play catch-up with any enterprise org. In fact it will lead the space as Hyperledger starts working closely with the Ethereum Enterprise with development. (Yeah split this off if you think it deserves a thread)




So which head are they going to get Sorry couldn’t resist the temptation to get one on a excellent grammer person :slight_smile:




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I want a SAFE Hacks!





Nice idea but not much in it yet. And what’s the Solid Data Browser?


CoinDesk: Binance Reveals Plan to Launch Crypto Exchanges on Almost Every Continent.


SAFE Network in China is becoming less effective I suppose, once everybody has a backdoor installed in their operating system and/or bios.


The OS isn’t really a problem, although a vast majority of people still choose to run the likes of Windows where there is not way of knowing what it actually does. There are alternatives that are very easy to install yourself. The BIOS or UEFI is more problematic, but e.g. Purism https://puri.sm delivers their hardware with Coreboot.

I think the hardware is the biggest problem. E.g. Intel’s chips have stuff running on them below the BIOS level.

Purism has apparently managed to disable that part of Intel’s chip, but it’s no walk in the park.


The attractiveness of SAFE is that it is a solution for the masses. Grandma can install it and be safe. But Grandma and other normals will be using the OS and bios that comes on their PC/phone. If their friendly local government is corrupting those at the manufacturer, like Lenovo implies, most people will be vulnerable, even with SAFE.

That’s not to say all is lost. I doubt they will be turning on these backdoors for every single PC/phone. I suspect they are there only for use after the person has already drawn the gaze of government to themselves for some other action, social media post, or organization membership. The more people use SAFE for social media, news, etc, the less likelihood that their actions will draw the gaze of their government to have those backdoors activated.


If their is a back door in our hardware how useful is SAFE??


That was sort of the point of my discussion. I believe it is still useful, since backdoors are not efficient data hoovers. If you stay under the radar with SAFE, your backdoor won’t have reason to be activated. But it is sad, none-the-less. Definitely we are engaged in an arms-race.

Those people who are engaged in high risk activities will purchase hardened hardware. The masses will have non-hardened hardware but still be more protected from data hoovering if they use SAFE than if they did not use SAFE, since with SAFE, they are less likely to draw government attention.


Whose to say what will become a high risk activity with the way things are going. Wouldn’t surprise me if using SAFE was a high risk activity in years to come. Let’s say a back door was activated what would they be able to access?

Did you watch this video? Looks like many things may become high risk activity in the eyes of these megalomaniacs. Just trying to get myself as secure as possible.