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IBM is investigating solutions for any part of banking. The record keeping I suggest is but one possibility. And it is after all investigating IF a problem can be found that a blockchain could possibly be sold to “solve”. So in many respects I think we mostly agree that its unlikely to be of any real use to a bank or banking system.


Guys if you wanna release safenetwork you have to do it fast. I am little bit worried in which direction this all goes…

Is it possible that the whole maidsafe team gets arrested for what they are doing?


Maybe It’s the point to use safenetwork and It’s good for all of us




So true. To quote @JPL, it’s …


No more investigating … Out of beta .



Lots happening in the world of blockchain. IBM leads with Hyperledger. Let’s hope Maidsafe can work with these behemoths to keep the Safenet relevant.


Not really. I’m surprised this is your viewpoint. IBM has a team of 1500 working blockchain. This is nothing to sneeze at.


Small and micro platforms are excluded from the EU’s Copyright directive scope that is approved today. So not (yet) a problem for the Safe Network in that regard.


So maidsafe will lose this battle because of team size?


It should never be a problem for the safe network. Once it’s running, it’s running. Good luck controlling millions of computers around the globe.


It’d be a first for a company developing a set of protocols (that is what SAFE is). The law can only go after the ones breaking the law and that is the people posting and the companies hosting the forums/blogs/etc. Maidsafe is not the owners of the SAFE network, Maidsafe are protocol writers. Did they try and arrest the developers of Tor when the black markets were all the news? Be a bit like going after the creators of TCP/IP. A lot of very bad things have happened using TCP/IP protocol, think of all the illegal images/materials carried by that protocol which enabled criminals/terrorists to communicate with each other so easily.

Exactly, like the internet was - not own by any one person and SAFE will be owned by itself and buying resources off people.


This of us who have grown up and lived all our lives in democracies think like this @neo and take it as read, but I imagine those will other experiences are not so sanguine.


TechCrunch: Security flaw in ‘nearly all’ modern PCs and Macs exposes encrypted data.


Morgan Stanley Plans to Offer Bitcoin Swap Trading for Clients


It this trend continues, we’ll also have to stop and not kill or terminate processes.
Maybe another argument to not use the word server :wink:



Right to be forgotten… what a ridiculous concept. These politicians are out of their depth and of control.


Indeed. Hence the ‘most’.

IBM has bet big on blockchain as a way of recovering ground lost to Amazon and Google and banks are always looking for advantage with cutting edge tech, so there’s lots of experimenting going on and lots of money being thrown at the experiments but not much to show for it yet as far as I can see.


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