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I’ll tell yeez whats happening… My F5 button is wore out looking for word on the network reset, thats whats happening.

Offers of relacment keyboards most welcome…

especially ones where the ‘p’ works too…



The idea is people like Avast, Mcafee etc would fork the client and add the malware checking. Or the official client could be written so that addons can be made so that one could install whatever addon they want.

Quite possibly, but then the malware detector would detect it in memory just as they do now for malware running.

Anyhow these were just thoughts for further exploration or to be dismissed as not useful thoughts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Quite long article I found a lot more interesting than the intro might suggest…




CoinDesk: Ethereum Developers Move to Reduce New Cryptocurrency Creation.


Eminem Raps About Bitcoin As Popular Culture Embraces Cryptocurrency






There are 2 things you can’t ignore anymore: Javascript and Blockchain


Good article, but I think cryptocurrency is already playing a part. Safe net will multiply that effect too.


A blockchain makes sense for exactly one situation: when we need a public ledger that everybody needs write access to, yet nobody can trust anybody. Whether it will actually work for that situation is another question: only when limited bandwidth and extreme waste of storage, energy, and computing resources are all acceptable. If we look past the hype, it isn’t hard to recognize that, in most of the cases where a blockchain is currently used, it’s an interesting mix of unnecessary, wasteful, and insufficient.

Javascript is great but we also have WASM and it can run anywhere nowadays, and there are projects like Rust + WebAssembly that bring practically native apps to the browser for other languages. Not denying Javascript is a great language with a vibrant ecosystem, but it’s hardly the language of the future.


Here a flowchart to illustrate your POV (from electrify.asia):


Yeah, that’s basically “when we need a public ledger that everybody needs write access to, yet nobody can trust anybody” and “wasteful” expanded into a chart :joy:


Being a moderator on Reddit can be difficult, it seems (one side of the story of course):

Unpaid and abused: Moderators speak out against Reddit.


Some of the mods on reddit behave like they are not unpaid… I don’t know what that is exactly but perhaps the state of reddit is in large part driven by what seems a younger audience. I don’t envy the mods there but then I also ran into too many with no good reason - just blatant limiting the conversation to what they wanted to hear. So, I left reddit behind in the same way I did facebook. I wonder then how social sites will mature over time, I guess the whole world is learning the limits of what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps a learned over time set of manners will appear, rooted perhaps in at least the Principal of Charity (best interpretation of the opponent’s motive and most constructive outcome for the debate).

There a lot of simple changes I wonder SAFE will introduce that could have big effect on perception… one I saw somewhere the other day about that devs will need to rethink that they own the data - some tip that they will need to be careful to validate the data as it might have been modified by another tool. A big change in ownership and who has the power…


US, UK, and other governments asks tech companies to build backdoors into encrypted devices



The Australian government says its not a backdoor if it is in legislation to provide it. Backdoors to them is only illegal access. No wonder all the tech people have bruises on their foreheads from banging their heads against the wall over the government saying the laws of mathematics are not above the government legislated laws