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They are currently around $ 1,200…

If more people from the community had listened to me to support PDC in UniSwap, we would now have money to list MAID in a big exchange…


:white_check_mark: Genetic Algorithms
:white_check_mark: Circumventing Censorship

Geneva was jointly developed by researchers at the University of Maryland and the University of California, Berkeley, in 2019, but was primarily used for discovering client-side techniques.

“Geneva is a general tool, and can be seen as a sort of network fuzzer – it has found bugs in Scapy, off-the-shelf firewalls, and most recently we developed a new fitness function that allows us to use Geneva to find new DoS amplification attacks (in a work currently under submission),” Kevin Bock, researcher at the University of Maryland and co-author of the paper, told The Daily Swig.

“Server-side evasion was something we hadn’t considered trying until we had seen the variety of strategies Geneva had found from the client side.”


Not sure if anyone here has followed this over the last couple days but “Snowflake” IPO’d yesterday in the US and really is nothing more than a data warehouse and analytics tool which is backed by huge money from the likes of Warren Buffet and Marc Benioff. While price has fallen today, yesterday’s close valued the company at 70 Billion. Take what you will from that number and this rather unimpressive newish company but to me when you see something like this get the attention, to me it has established a floor of what the network could be and should be in the future.


True. It doesn’t do anything particularly new, but it does make a lot of things that were rather traditionally rather hard a fair bit easier, and UX is where the money is. Imagine if you could both do something revolutionary in terms of security AND in terms of ease of use?


100% agree. UX is where the money is at but the same shitty security and ownership remain. Combine them together where internally you can analyze your own data and you have a company worth trillions.

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BREAKING $SAFE news!! :wink:


Can we put other coin posts to Other Coins - Price & Trading topic


Noticeable how all that SAFE DATA Act is after the fact, limiting but not enabling… and typical for that.

The SAFE DATA Act would:
Requiring businesses to
Prohibiting businesses from
Authorizing the FTC to
Requiring the FTC to

Obviously, this is how Safe Network is getting it right… providing tools for allowing control of privacy; security; and freedom, from source and helping stopping problem arising.

Legislation fails to stop those who have no regard for others. Individuals and organizations need to take responsibility for their own interest and for that they need tools.


Sep 20, 2020

I’ve recently read an article criticizing Rust, and, while it made a bunch of good points, I didn’t enjoy it — it was an easy to argue with piece. In general, I feel that I can’t recommend an article criticizing Rust. This is a shame — confronting drawbacks is important, and debunking low effort/miss informed attempts at critique sadly inoculates against actually good arguments.


The reddit discussion linked at the bottom is well worth a read too, all good info.


Right now SpaceX is doing pressure test on their SN7.1 and about to blow, sometime

Failed for the second time to pressurize enough to blow. Do not know why yet they didn’t blow it


See the aftermath of the burst test


Due to a disagreement with Twitter on whether they should have my phone number on top of my real name, I’m revisiting mastodon, so if any folks are also using mastodon and wish to connect, you’ll find my tech account here: https://mastodon.cloud/@SAFEpress

My personal twitter account is suspended because I won’t give up my phone number, which I won’t do so I decided to revisit mastodon and Scuttlebutt etc, so let me know if you want to connect on those or another social platform.

Mastodon has improved a lot (mainly in responsiveness and quality of the community) in three years, and there’s a very nice alternative UI called Pinafore, and an associated side-bar add-on for Firefox.

Hopefully Safe can move into this space too. I think comparing any Safe offerings with the performance of mastodon will be a good benchmark - it is seriously responsive. I have two accounts on different instances (servers) and if I have both open and toot or delete toot on one, the feed on the other updates instantly. Same with follows/unfollows, it is impressive and a far nicer UX than twitter. I think Safe should aim to match the mastodon UX in terms of usability and responsiveness, and if it does this could help adoption as I think twitter is getting less friendly and more invasive (as to be expected).

So join me on mastodon for a play and a chat. Lots of like minded folks on there. https://mastodon.cloud/@SAFEpress



Developers, any thoughts or experience with Nix or similar build environment tools?

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