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Circulate the below article in your network - great read on comparing Maidsafe with all other decentralized storage systems.

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Will probably be known as L1TF (comparable to the Meltdown vulnerability):



It is naive not to assume so ! A cell phone today, with this much computing power is a gateway into everyone´s life! How could a corporation as big as Google resist being god and not having an all seeing eye? Anybody ever seen a movie on that theme? ?Why do cell phones have two cameras but there isn´t a sort of a “lid”, say, to protect those lenses? it is always there … watching, listening! Why such an accurate GPS device? Google street car is out there! Now there is a fascinating app, you can use an augmented rule to map out every centimeter of your house! .there will be no stone unturned by the end of this journey!


Can you say which app?


Foreshadow is a speculative execution attack on Intel processors which allows an attacker to steal sensitive information stored inside personal computers or third party clouds. Foreshadow has two versions, the original attack designed to extract data from SGX enclaves and a Next-Generation version which affects Virtual Machines (VMs), hypervisors (VMM), operating system (OS) kernel memory, and System Management Mode (SMM) memory.



There are quite a few of them ! you can measure every little corner of your house…hehehe…Guess whether all that info is being kept somewhere or not. :slight_smile:

Photo Measures Lite by Cubent



Too bad it’s only for fruity hardware.

EDIT: here’s the same app for Android:



Article by Steve Walters on coinbureau: