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Some serious
Players in Baakt. Let’s hope Bitcoin soars later in the year. More and more institutions are getting into the crypto space


The first 40 minutes of this explains the plumbing of existing financial products and should scare the hell out of the average person. The last 10 minutes is worth listening to about why a Bitcoin or similar product will eventually form the nucleus of a new world order




… and Facebook shares rose by 4.5% today on high trading volumes. :pensive:


A follow up article on Baakt. Very interesting


Of course, this is genius:


“Our prototype, which is already capable of creating several kinds of non-exploitable bug and injecting them in the thousands into large, real-world software, represents a new type of deceptive defense that wastes skilled attackers’ most valuable resource: time,” the researchers write. " …
“I’ve been really surprised (and gratified!) by how much interest there’s been in the paper since we posted it,” Dolan-Gavitt told me. “I think people like the sort of ‘so-dumb-it’s-smart’ angle – it’s really counterintuitive, but could actually work.”

This reminds me of the a fun article I found a while back



Good sign



Simple individual basic rules, complex social outcome:



Found a detailed explanation of how these ants build these bridges, and it is even more fascinating to see that they do collective calculations of traffic and they modify their topology based on the load.

The juicy part:


Man, right wing politics are being shut off from the internet, all over the world! Watch the son of our next president, Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro speak in Congress here in Brazil. There are english subtitles !!

Discussions of right-wing politics being censored (continuing from a "whats up today" post as requested)

They have a problem in Istanbul, fka Byzantium and the rest of Turkey. I wonder, what could solve this :wink:
Erdogan told Turks to sell their gold and dollars to support the crumbling lira.





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Vitalik’s new consensus with similar basis of Safecoin:


Who watches the watcher (read: observer)? Surely, this just moves the goal posts of the attack, rather than changing the game substantially.


The paper proposes using this as a mechanism to produce checkpoints. 512 observers are randomly selected to participate, and only one of them needs to be honest for it to work. The more nodes that are selected for participation, the more secure the process.