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Did you listen to this?

If you haven’t. don’t bother – its utterly un-Elvis like. And Elvis dabbled in a few genres.

There was this device in Startrek (I can’t find a vid on the current internet (no wonder no prepetual web :sweat_smile:)) that played sounds generated from it’s holder. OpenAI’s work is more like the babysteps towards something like that, I’m happy with kids that try/do.

Deep down I’m super happy about these efforts, I still got some self generated music that I will release on the SAFE Network only and this helps lazy bones like me. Give it a few years and unlike the original musicians that can past away these algorithms will keep making their kind of music forever, forever ever, forever ever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I keep the memory of past geniuses alive by murdering things like this… https://www.e-chords.com/chords/sam-cooke/cupid

PS @happybeing - i have nearly mastered Z-Cars on the moothie :slight_smile: #ThingsThatWouldOnlyBeDoneInLockdown


The benefits of keeping Willie locked up are even greater than I anticipated.


I think Musk is going cuckoo


Today, our President Bolsonaro´s son was banned from TWITCH for making a joke. He said: “I prefer to die having sex than to die coughing”. He is 18! As he puts it Twitch is clearly ok with misandry attacks, but they can´t take a little joke!

EDIT: That is almost 20% of the world’s population openly under constant and individual surveillance - using hardware they have bought and paid for themselves. How 'bout them chickens?


Man, try The Beatles!

It’s the most macabre thing they have never done. It sounds like the Fab Four getting murdered with a giant piano and still forced to play until they’re completely squashed. Starts relatively harmless with a Free-as-a-Bird-like intro, then… Listen.

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Them Lambo kids :rofl: How far will they go?

Pretty sophisticated hack.
I honestly had no idea air gapped computers were vulnerable though.


THis is not new news. It does need physical access and VERY sensitive microphones installed next to the fans.
So while proven in practice, it will remain effectively impossible - Cos if you have that kind of access then you could most likely get at the machine directly. Easily mitigated with slightly more thorough surveillance of the actual boxes.

EDIT and now this … New fanless design from Compulab

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What do you mean?

Well its kind of difficult to listen to the fan of a fanless device :slight_smile:

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Looks like the Yanks are waving their expensive naval phallic substitutes about again. And their cowardly wee pal, the UK is in there to kid on it is still relevant.
Sensibly the Norwegians are staying out of it.

I’d love to hear what the US media would be like if a couple of Russian missile cruisers decided on a wee cruise from Maine to Florida?