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Spreading unsubstantiated reports regarding notable events can be dangerous.

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Nothing unsubstantiated about the anomalous speed of Bojo’s miraculous “recovery”

March 28, 2020, 4:56 AM EDT

By Erika Edwards

Nic Brown is lucky, and he knows it.

The 38-year-old father of three is recovering from the coronavirus after spending 10 days in Cleveland Clinic’s intensive care unit. He was kept mostly sedated while hooked up to a ventilator to help him breathe.

“There was a time during this process where the hospital reached out to my wife to have the discussion about end-of-life options,” Brown, of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, said. “It was very emotional for all of us.”

NBC News

So Boris is similarly “lucky”? Convenient…

i’ll answer more tomorrow. Early night tonight.

Stay well and as happy as possible , all of you :slight_smile:


Another theory:

He is overweight, smokes a lot and is probably very paranoid (‘What if someone tries to infect me?’)…


I agree with you on uncertainty on timing. He says around 3 years but I think a bit longer. One more round of printing presses sometime in the future

What do we make of this app?

Would like to hear from Aussies.

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Its an interesting question.

if claims are true

  • do you trust what they say?
  • means its OK from a security and privacy point of view
  • but maybe hackers can write a APP that talks to these phones and gathers name & phone number from all they pass by
  • No personal info leaves your phone or other people’s until a case of the virus is detected for you or one of those people you directly contacted physically

If you are unsure

  • the 2 week delay to release source code is a worry
  • the fact they will not release all the source code to hide how it works is a serious worry. They claim so hackers cannot hack it. Hahahahaha

Is it even needed in Australia

  • questionable since we have suppressed the virus to extremely low rates.
  • if restrictions are lifted then it would be needed to react fast to any outbreak of the virus, especially since time of contract to you showing enough symptoms to see doctor is 6 to 14 days.

There are laws in place to protect privacy and to limit use to stated claims. Laws can change too


Gold & Bitcoin.
Thanks for the share. Appreciated.

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Isn’t this old?

Yep and analyses by independent people who know their maths

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