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That’s amazing @Knosis.
Here in Sweden, while only 4 months of growing season of course, but on fine land, you get 20-40 MWh per hectare and year from some decent crops. That would translate to 2-5 kW. So 1/6th to 1/2 of the cacti in Cali. That is awesome for marginal lands, even though of course much better climate than up here.
Way to go man, very interesting project you have there.


Thanks. I have this study. There are some large scale operations happening now. However they are not using an organic process. I’ll grab some links. These have been built in Mexico, Africa, and India. It’s still pretty much unknown. I’ve been in contact with an Engineer in Chile that makes them. The investment is $1400 per kilowatt. 3 months to build if you didn’t want do anything your self or change any of the processes. For example herbicides, can be eliminated using organic techniques. It takes 8 months to come to full output. ROI is 18 months. 3 people can operate 250 acres with a jr. high level education. He works on a minimum of 50 hectares at this point. He’s the man I will call when we go for our first large scale operation.
For a megawatt plant with a 20 year lifespan,you’d could have Rodrigo build it for 1.4 million. He brings his own guys and builds the whole thing. Or he will advise on scale projects as well. He has very good genetics when it comes to cactus as well. I’d use his methods for scale operation except the use of chemicals. I’d keep it organic. I’d like to focus on a smaller more reproducible scale for regular folks, villages. You can’t build to soil well if you kill the biome. :slight_smile:


Some things I learned about today


Our goal is permanence.
Permanence means no subscriptions; a one-time payment for dedicated storage that preserves your most precious memories and an institution that will be there to protect the digital legacy of all people for all time.
$10 per GB

and also


The LOCKSS (“Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe”) project, under the auspices of Stanford University, is a peer-to-peer network that develops and supports an open source system allowing libraries to collect, preserve and provide their readers with access to material published on the Web. Its main goal is digital preservation.


That’s 0.01$ per PUT.


I understand what you are saying, but since people will be Putting files of all sizes like photos of which many will be less than 1MB. For instance more than 1/2 my photos are less than 1/4 MB

This is where SAFE differs from pure storage such as Permanent or Mega in that smaller files require a “PUT” charge for itself.


Looks like both projects would benefit from SAFENetwork.



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The day we’ve been waiting for has arrived!


(Could be fake news tho.)


Yeah, could be. Can’t seem to find confirmation two hours later.

IF and its a very big IF, Kim Il Jong is not in the best of health, we will know soon enough and be sure that he really IS ill or worse. You will hear nothing until an orderly succession has taken place if that is what is required.
Unlike the utterly fake case of coronavirus that Boris Johnson tried to fool us all with over the past couple of weeks.
But the compliant UK media went along with it, as our media is controlled every bit as much as that of the DPRK that they are so keen to slate at every opportunity.-


Can you elaborate on that? What’s fake about it?

Just about everything… From being “close to death’s door” and needing to be in ICU to “in good spirits and ready to start work” within the space of 10 days? The nurses who were supposed to be looking after him are not on the register. THe one they dragged out to do an interview looked dodgy as anything.

Boris was hiding cos he has lost control of the situation. There are other reports that he had to go get dried out and his drinking is out of control.

I’m not saying it’s not true, but as always, I would like to see some reliable sources. I don’t really trust RT (Russia Today) either.

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That info was mainly from Twitter and The Guardian. You are right not to trust Russia Today. You are also right not to trust ANY of them.
I’d like to see some reliable sources too. What I DO know is the BBC and any UK or US based “news” organisation is lying to me.


I don’t. The only ones I trust (almost) completely are my chickens. They have not lied to me once.

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Don’t say that. Someone will have their entrails as a trusted source of divination…

Damn quack woosters again!

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