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I can’t help but feel Maidsafe and SAFENET are staring RIGHT NOW at the biggest opportunity and risk.

Video: A letter to the future.
James Corbett: Corbett Report
Published 21/04/2020


Centralized systems are inefficient. Even if the time described in the video comes, it will not be forever, but it will be a short period. Humanity will come out stronger :dragon:


Nothing to see here

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48 had password as their password…

more accessible Zerohedge

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To they mean post virus event, as in back to normality.
Or post virus, our lives have forever changed?

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Especially relevant given the brazen lies and bluster from US and UK Govts…


I saw this comment in regards to the leaked password info…

  • On Hitlers birthday these were “anonymously” dropped into the now-aligned with the right chan message boards. Note the quotes from WaPo stating that freedom of speech supporting anonymous posting is only a right wing extremest destination. Apparently according to them, free speech for the left can only come through anonymous drops to NYT and WaPo. (that is their assertion, do not lose sight of that)
  • Idiots without two hours of infosec and computer network training immediately believe the hype and blast them all over the internet, including here, in the comments on Sunday afternoon where links were posted to the exact posts on the chan websites.
  • Users on the chan boards cheered on script kiddies to attempt to use the logins, both to webmail and ssh logins to webservers.
  • This now becomes “news” that the big outfits get to use to align anti-NWO behavior with neo-nazi, right wing extremism.
  • Note that WaPo looks to Twitter to be acting on the publics behalf of blocking your and anyones access to said information. Sanitizing the internet for the good of the people. WaPo and Twitter good, unedited anonymous speech bad.

Well, it’s more secondhand-me-down than that. The spin of 180 degrees on the meaning of words and phrases is a tactic employed by the “intelligent”… with all their “integrity” and “morality” and boomer ideals, it’s a wonder that the world isn’t a mess… ah


And today, nature continues as though all is normal https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pe55SehEsfqSykvK9 :smiley: :smiley:


They’ll be on their way to McDonalds soon!


didnt know they did lambburgers…

Over 5 years since I was last in a McDonalds though…

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Animals bring you into the present. I’m moving out of the Silicon Valley to help my brother raise sheep on the Sacramento River. I can’t wait to be closer to Nature. I’m going to use my cactus biogas project for pumping water something I hope I can spread to communities in need. This whole crisis has forced me to see what is important. The Silicon Valley is a tech worker ant hill and there is not much normal about it. I grew up here and have seen it change. I’ve watched the granary, Cali Brothers be turned into apartments. The random fields of Apricot trees that were left slowly year by year were turned into housing. The energy of this place has changed so much its unrecognizable. It’s now clear I must leave this place.
I’m grateful for the work you guys are doing. I put everything I have into the Safenetwork and I don’t regret a moment of it. Safenetwork is my bet on the good nature of mankind. Amongst all the crazy happening in the world, the Warrior Monks continue to code away as though all is normal. We need this free and open network to exist for Humanity’s sake. Nature is a free and open network it’s the default normal. The world’s internet should be no different.


Tell us more :slight_smile:

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Hey folks check out this ingenuity. Reduce touching public surfaces.

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It was discovered during the energy crisis in the late 70s early 80s that you could ferment padded cactus with water in a single stage bio digestor to produce large amounts of sulfur free methane.
Biogas Production from a Suspension of Homogenized Cladodes of the Cactus Opuntia cacti : | CiNii Research This is the 1984 study.
Energy crashed to 12 dollars a barrel as it has today so it was forgotten.
This process allows you to grow cactus in fields without pesticides or herbicides and generate 6000 watts continuously per acer per year. This harvesting of the cactus causes root pruning. A dying off of the roots. This stores carbon is the soil. This creates a whole biome that thrives in the root zone of the plants. This biome creates humus. So we can build top soil, methane, oxygen from the plants, and jobs. These plants thrive in marginal soil and don’t compete with food crops like corn. So we are not taking away food production to grow cactus. Over time we migrate the rows of cactus toward more marginal soil leaving behind rich soil to be used as needed or returned to nature. This does not have to be done in a giant mono crop. 1 MegaWatt rehires 250 acres and provides three green jobs permanent jobs that built topsoil. Because we are feeding our generators methane they won’t carbonize as burning oil does. They will last longer. The Oxygen we use to burn the methane comes from the plants the we used to make it. Cactus are some of the most water efficient plants that exist. So we aren’t using huge amounts of water as they do with fuel corn which competes for food production.

I’ve spent the last 10 years collecting the fastest growing Opunita cactus I could find. I went through the US Germ plasm data base and ordered all the cacti that had larger pad volumes. I’ve been growing these plants in various conditions. We provide these bio gas plants anywhere it stays about 28F. You can go lower but then it requires hoop houses which can be okay in small villages.

Huge amounts of forest in Africa are cut down for fuel. This drys out the land lowering water tables. This creates toxic smoke poisoning the ladies cooking meals. In some regions women spend 4 or 5 hours a day looking for fire wood. They are harmed. This time is away from their children and family. Cactus biogas can be fed into a generator for power in a natural gas powered pump to pump water.
Yes solar can be more efficient but it does not provide jobs, topsoil, electricity.

That’s a short ramble on it. I hope we can put these in every village world wide. :slight_smile:

There is more to it but for another day. I’ll make a proper post at some point. I’d like to somehow tie this into the Safenetwork some how. Maybe a system were resources are donated to start up projects and some how over time Safecoin is returned so as do it again with the same resources.


Wow this is amazing! What a neat endeavor and good for you for pursuing it.


Interesting. Here’s a more recent study from 2015. Do you know of any large scale trials?


Amazing - that seems like a win-win-win, energy, better soil and jobs. I wish you every success with it and look forward to hearing more about it