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In the future we don’t have to count on politicians their “promises”.

When apps/companies their value are in tokens and all these tokens are on an dex…

Ignore people who ask where we’ll get the money from… We’ll use our imagination…




We were importing our old blogs onto medium - this is why this 2015 blog has come up again!


Yeah i’ve just noticed that


I’m a bit baffled at @Maidsafe going to significant effort to eliminate trackers on their own website, having switched to medium for the blog and now even migrating old posts there too.

I don’t ‘clap’ or comment there because I don’t want to register on and support yet another centralised platform. Same with retweeting bit.ly links on twitter etc.

It seems dissonant, so I’d prefer each new step to be in the same direction and I think it would look more in tune with what I believe are MaidSafe’s values.


I think we should use all the weapons we have to promote SafeNetwork… Medium is just a weapon…


Agree, I feel there will be another change to a non-tracking blog that we just host ourselves in time. It’s just a bunch of balls in the air right now and the need to get traction quickly. It will all head the right direction though soon enough, the journey has at least begun. What we have seen is the enormous difficulty in doing all of this and the cost in terms of reach we do lose, but you are right, we need to complete that journey. Even twitter etc. is a nightmare for tracking, so it is really swimming against the tide, mind you that is us always. So :+1: @happybeing for bringing it up and please do keep doing that, its important.


We agree Mark and are ultimate game is to completely eliminate all forms of tracking. The previous blog was wordpress hosted and was therefore rife with tracking, cookies and other hidden nasties. The medium transition is a stop gap measure until we have some capacity to create a better solution.


Well - while I 100% agree with the ideals I don’t think we should be too radical…

First we need to accomplish being recognized for the benefits that come for everyone with safe… And when the balls are rolling we can focus again on the main purpose this project started out for…
… But if we don’t go out where our target audience is (everyone on this planet - and they are using Facebook and Twitter and Google…) we will end up as a sect without the world recognizing how much benefit they would get by using safe… And we’d be less secure because the network would stay small…

Just some thoughts of a guy before he falls asleep (sorry if a little bit short and not super well worked out…)


I believe we are being monitored 24/7 now… it doesn´t matter what we do … just by turning on a computer device is enough to be on their surveilance map ! The thing I believe, it doesn´t matter whether we clap at Medium or Facebook or wherever, we will be safe once a whole internet universe is up and running where our data is no longer under scrutiny: Maidsafe! But right now it is foolish to think that by not loging in to facebook or any other site we are off their claws… so I will clap on Medium, twitter facebook. looking forward to the time when the safenetwork is mainstream … :slight_smile:


New dweb series from Mozilla


Until SAFE is live, many people may be interested in secure cloud storage. Spideroak currently has an unlimited storage deal going on:


They are probably the most privacy respecting cloud company out there (that I’m aware of). I’m not affiliated with this company in any way, and receive no money for referrals. Just a heads up for those looking for secure storage.




This one seems really interesting…




Google struggles to contain employee uproar over China censhorship plans. I see some recruitment opportunities for MaidSafe :slight_smile:


Ha - I was just reading that very same article. Spooky! But yes (although I expect some bank will snap them up first)