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They say roast profiteer tastes a lot like pork. I’m told the livers go well with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

As for additional jail time, only if the total costs of the incarceration are levied as an additional fine. But I’d prefer to eat them and grind the bones for fertiliser. We can jail them on a strict diet beforehand to cleanse them.
I think we can work out a totally organic solution to the problem.


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@Southside So I guess we did not find out who bjj refers to. Without being told and typical conspiracy form, it was a hit and run post. Maybe under the circumstances the bj could refer to two obvious words, bleach junkie or bj


Allegedly Brazilian Jiu Juitsu…

Who knows, it may even be a Thing. But I CBA googling to see if it really is. I have no doubt there are Jiu Jitsu aficionados in Brazil. Do they down their opponents with a carefully crafted cup of coffee?

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IIRC Jiu Jitsu originated in Brazil - the pedant in me wanted to point that out at the time. Indeed it was, but I see that even Wikipedia gives it the redundant prefix.

Maybe it has been given other forms and needs to differentiate. Or perhaps they got fed up of people not realising it was South American rather than Asian.

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Yes we have this mindset that all the forms of unarmed combat are of Asian origin.

Let your inner pedant roam free.

What about the Glasgow Kiss?


A technique rather than a martial arts form as such.

Although the combo of knee to the haw-maws followed immediately by the administration of the “kiss” is poetry in motion.
Strictly speaking not unarmed combat as the the classic move then involves a chib to both cheeks.

It does not have a “dojo” as such, the taxi queue being the preferred venue.


Actually, JJ came out of Japan. BJJ is just one of its variations.


Feel like this is the first time I can chime in in this forum with a little knowledge. Jui jitsu was the origin all others including judo, karate, bjj, krav magra and probably even the Glasgow kiss were all formed from jui jitsu (even the chib) we call them Scottish samurai :martial_arts_uniform:


“new global collaborative study has confirmed that vitamin D supplementation can help protect against acute respiratory infections.” - The Harvard Gazette


Not to forget the “nosey” which I shall not describe because it still squeams me since its description featured in an episode of Crown Court decades ago. Lunchtime TV!



I would volunteer to have my mobile tracked if I could for this.

  1. Also get a google map risk heat map of currently infected, and 6 degree of separation risk.

I’m actually locked up terrified at the moment. Just in shock.

What if the UK has also done this on the silent? It makes sense - it would be a great way to asses the spreading risk.


Can I ask why your terrified @Zoki? Do you have underlying medical conditions?

No underlying conditions that I know of. Am in 40’s.

Parental family has been through a lot over the years, with serious underlying conditions and very high risk groups. I have helped make arraignments, as much as I can do - but they still need to risk hospital visits.

Can not risk any further crisis in this family. We’ve had enough. Really.

I don’t want to roll that dice.

I’ve had enough. I’m just going to sit this risk out.

I can’t now even visit them, in UK, for up to a year without risking infecting them by accident.

Rough times.

I’m okay out here, have friends and as most places now I work from home.

They modified the train services here to concentrate on getting emergency workers to work. Not for general commuters.

edit: With friends, already setting up regular evenings to eat over skype. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: to replace regular social nights. What nightmare did I wake up in?


Hope it all works out well for you @Zoki and the virus bypasses your elderly relatives or they have no symptoms if they do come into contact :pray:t2:


I have a mother who is 90 and a mother-in-law at 85. Both live a considerable distance away. I’m having to resign myself to the fact I may never see either of them again.
Likewise I am scared to go and visit them.


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This is a very normal reaction. I’m terrible too. But keep in mind that this is temporary and everything will end. Things will normalize.

I quarantined my elderly relatives a week ago. After quarantine is over, you should wait at least 40 days because there are data on people who are infectious and 37 days after the infection… Very scary times, but everything will be fine the whole world is fighting this :dragon: