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The address is that of the recently vacated Maidsafe offices at Heathfield in Ayr. I suspect this is something that was started with good intentions when there was a little more available funding and is one of the loose ends that needs tied up but everyone left is (correctly) concentrating on other dev related things.


The foundation is separate from the company AFAIK, so updating stuff like this isn’t part of Maidsafe’s remit.


This much is true but if the community initiatives via @Sotros25 and others go ahead, this is a loose end that needs tidied to prevent confusion.
I wonder if their mail server is still working?


Some good news at last!!!

A politically motivated show trial in Edinburgh has not gone well for the accusers

Alex Salmond NOT GUILTY of the trumped up charges of sexual assault. They tried to Assange him and failed.
They had lots to fear from Alec Salmond, Now they have a lot more to fear. The woke cabal that infiltrated the SNP and were more keen to fly a rainbow flag than a Saltire will hopefully now be purged. This has not gone the way the Brit establishment hoped it would.

Agreed. I’m curious as to who currently runs the MaidSafe Foundation and what their current scope of activities are. Once we get feedback from David’s legal contacts on the Community Foundation, we can tease apart spheres of operation for the foundations and how they can best support each other.

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There are 2 trustees who mostly only manage any legal requirements etc. and one employee (Margaret) who actually does the work and outreach. So almost no cash, shoestring until safecoin etc.









My “WHOA!” wasn’t a good sign…


Somewhat frightening. “…a digital dollar wallet is identified as ‘a digital wallet or account, maintained by a Federal reserve bank on behalf of any person, that represents holdings in an electronic device or service that is used to store digital dollars that may be tied to a digital or physical identity.’”

As often said in crypto parlance: not your keys, not your crypto. Imagine a world where cash is (eventually) abolished and a person’s only access to money is through a currency and wallet that is both issued and maintained by central banks with government backing… Such would be the ultimate tool to track, control, and seize monetary assets at will.


That sounds like a bank account, its only digital dollars but I’m sure its worse than that


It is like a bank account; however, what’s more concerning is the advent of a national digital currency in a world that increasingly moves towards a cashless society. In today’s system you can still “opt out”. In a cashless society where banks hold your keys, there is no exit ramp.


This is why I was ranting about DBC Safecoin being able to be a tradable physical currency/note. We could maintain cash and anonymity.


How can people not see through this :man_shrugging:t3:


Lock down reborn…


The IT economy after COVID-19

“All IT projects that can be shelved will be shelved until at least 2021. Software vendors must prepare for a tough year where very little net new business will be won before the final quarter.”


This sounds like a pretty weird problem to me. All IT work really takes is a decent internet connection. Of course, not all countries have this, but it should be solvable. Or maybe I’m just spoiled here in my connected northern boonies.

EDIT: Of course, our internet providers lie through their teeth about the speeds they offer. But my actual speed even out here is still several Mb/s when tethering through my phone. Sometimes there is a blackout when a tree hits a power line during a storm, but that’s a different problem and solvable with a UPS.


lol props to fellow rural internet crew! I am “quarantined” to… on about 40 acres of woods and swamp so at least I can go out for a walk and stuff. Ya anyways these connections can sometimes suck. I had a job doing like call center stuff from home and USUALLY it worked but some days I was like sorry I can’t really be productive for you and have to take the day off. The other downside is you pay per mile, not unlimited data… so on a good day I might make a few hundred dollars selling lawn care but it would cost like 50 in data :confused:


You are still able to sell lawn care at a time like this?
What a salesman!!