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Lots to like here! LinkdData / RDF toolkit in Rust with plans to add SPARQL support (wow!) and be available in the browser via Web Assembly (which will be compatible with the RDF/JS standard).

One to watch.

Here is a long overdue release of Sophia (http://crates.io/crates/sophia), a linked data toolkit for the Rust programming language.

What’s new since v0.3.0:

What’s coming next:

That’s a lot going on, and I’m very grateful to all the people who have contributed, submitted issues, or simply expressed their interest in this project.



Interesting to see new rust tools emerging…

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I’m aware of the Coronavirus megathread, however I thought this was cool on its technical merits, hence I’m posting this in here.

My fiance works as a data analyst for the NHS and told me about a company they’re working with called BlueDot. BlueDot are a machine learning (read: statistical analysis in reality) company based out of Toronto who predicted the Coronavirus outbreak a month before it hit the mainstream. They also predicted that the Zika virus would hit Florida 6 months before it did.

The future of infectious disease control (and indeed, lots of areas where an abundance of data and a small amount of analysis can make huge changes) is definitely going to be helped by their work: https://diginomica.com/how-canadian-ai-start-bluedot-spotted-coronavirus-anyone-else-had-clue

I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I just think it’s some cool tech.


Fascinating @Shane, thanks. It makes what I judge as the UK government’s slow response and failure to learn from the experiences of other countries all the more frustrating. There’s not much value in prediction if governments don’t use the time to prepare and mitigate effectively. I may be wrong about that, we’ll know soon I think. In the mean time I’m able to start social distancing much easier than most, so that’s my contribution (as well as ranting on the Twitter!).


Put your processing power to good use:


Hi all,
So I have been doing some research into this coronavirus.

From my reading it is a not well understood new type of respitory flu. The thing that makes it unique is that it has HIV like imunnosupressent qualities. Some are saying it is a manufactured bioweapon and there are articles and documents online where you can read all about this. The finger pointing has already begun. I struggle to understand why.

In terms of the virus itself, you best believe it is real. Yes it does infect, yes it causes illness and yes it does kill.

It’s kill rate compared to other pandemics like Ebola, Sars, Mers etc is actually relatively low. It effects the lungs mostly and can cause irreversible scarring.
The issue is the fast spread rate. This is likely due to the imunnosupression.

China is slowly but surely seeing less and less new cases and recoveries are increasing.

If we can ride the next 2-3 months out we’ll likely be over the worst of it.

As we’ve all been told it effects the elderly most. The younger you are the less effect it has.

How to keep yourself friends and loved ones safe?

It seems to have trouble surviving in high humidity hence why places like India and Thailand although sharing borders or close proximity with China have relatively low cases. This is generally true of lung illnesses in these high humidity nations. So my advice get some humidifiers and crank them up.

Secondly, we know it spreads through coughing, sneezing, touching and can live in the air for about 2-3 hours. What this means is yes, the masses buying up all the hand sanitizer are right. You should keep a small bottle on you, and keep a larger one on a table at your front door. Every person that enters must sanitize. If you want to go steps further block off all your other entrances and force people to use the one entry and exit point and also use an infrared thermometer in everyone entering. Likely you can’t buy it, but you can make it with isopropyl and aloe Vera gel.

Only go out if you need to.
Clean and disinfect your home regularly.
Do not be selfish.

General health, get fit and healthy. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Up your vitamin and mineral intake. Vitamin c.

One other little tip I can offer is special product. No it’s not mine and no I make no money in sharing it in fact I probably risk it becoming unavailable by sharing it.
It is a product that is basically better than bleach only you can spray it all over yourself on your hands, face, hair eyes and even up your nose (pro tip this is where flu viruses like to live). You can use this product in your humidifier and in air filters, wash fruits and vegetables in it etc. It is very well known to certain People in certain industries like hospitals, meat packing, cosmetics etc. the science is there, it’s FDA approved and I highly recommend it. In fact if I had to choose between sanitizer, face masks and this id choose this.
I will do a bad job explaining how it works but essentially it mimics your bodies on defences as well as stimulating those same defences to target, locate and kill bacteria and viruses.
If you get it spray yourself twice a day, hands, face, eyes, hair and up your nose. Put a little in your humidifier too.
Here it is, don’t hoard it, don’t be selfish keep it to two bottles max https://www.briotechusa.com/topical-skin-spray


Seems like its simply water, salt and this stuff

While convenient, hand sanitizer is not that effective. It needs to be at least 60% alcohol to work, whereas soap is very effective which is why people are being advised to wash hands with soap and water thoroughly and regularly. Anti bacterial products are also not effective - they need to be anti microbial.

On humidifiers, I see them as of little value since most transmission will be outside the home - either airborne, particularly in crowded public spaces or through direct and indirect contact.

As for magic skin spray I’ll pass.


Basically yes.
There are others in the market. This one’s appears to be one of the best as well as ticking other boxes around safety and selling to retail customers. Once you dig into the research, if your like me you’ll appreciate it.

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I might like the product but at this time, I doubt that it would ship from USA to Scotland fast enough.

You never did get over the bog-brush and Dettol episode, did you?

I think the stuff they put in hospitals is quite effective. Not the whole story by a long long way but I believe it is credited as one of the factors in the huge reduction in cross-infection In NHS Scotland facilities

Of course wash your hands.
On humidifiers, the incubation period is 4-5 days. If you come into my home and have it you may not spread it directly but simply breathing, talking, coughing and sneezing will leave it in the air on furniture and counters. Some papers I have read suggest higher humidity reduces the lifetime of the virus by an hour.
In general high humidity environments are said to be better on the lungs.
I take offence to your calling a product I’ve gone out of my way to research, buy and decided to share with you as magic Skin spray and I don’t get offended easily. My niece passed away at 14 years of age due to the flu and so I take my research seriously. You’ve not had enough time to read any of the research so perhaps instead of being rude go do your own reading instead of being spoon fed by me, thoroughly and then I’ll be happy to discuss your concerns. Pearls before swine.

I could not find that bleach product being sold as a body spray on the FDA site

Using the approval number given on the product’s site, I could not find it on the FDA site using their number search.

Can you please find it for me. There has been a lot of bleach products being sold as miracle products to cure all sorts of things.

In fact the FDA says not to use any of these products internally, including the nose. It denatures the bodies tissues and cause long term damage if you drink it or use it on your nose. If used in slightly higher concentrations than it will destroy the tissues very quickly, there have been cases of colons being removed because they have been destroyed. By using salt you get NaClO - bleach

If you really want to use it then buy NaClO (bleach) and water it down. Same stuff, and as bad for your body, nose, throat, etc if used in the same concentration as they supply it.

And if safe for the body then it is not strong enough to kill virus’ that have an encrustation protecting it from oxidation products. Will likely work on bacteria which has a cell wall (like our cells) that is denatured by the NaClO


I work in different industry and these approval bodies search tools are the worst.

Anyway most companies will just send you the approval numbers or certs if you ask them.


That’s what I found now sone Philippino listing. I will email them and ask.