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“400 thousand million confirmations”

Sounds legit.


Exaggerating to make a point I think.


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Corner being turned?


Decentralized Web Summit’s Science Fair at the Internet Archive next week:

From the Great Room to the lawn, you will find 70 tables + 70 projects = countless innovative ideas:

The simplest way to think about an autonomous data network is one that configures itself. All data on the Network is automatically split into chunks and encrypted (utilising self-encryption) before being uploaded and then stored at random locations selected by the Network alone. There’s no need for an IT administrator. Instead, nodes are free to join the network anonymously around the world. Upon joining, each node is moved into and out of small groups at random by the Network, again with no human intervention.


This article points out the shortcomings of ETH network. The SAFE Network will not have these problems. MAID so undervalued right now. But not for long:


We need all these developers making apps and services for the SAFEnetwork


You are clearly spot on here Mark, if the CEO of MasterCard is making statements like this it becomes clear the patents they are accumulating are to prevent innovation not support it.



Not from today, but the following article could also be of interest for you: https://medium.com/@jimmysong/crypto-keynesian-lunacy-16bb9193a58


Could Visa and MasterCard operating costs plummet if they ran over the secure SAFENet?


Fortunately and unfortunately the web is unpredictable. Hope the good common sense will prevail


I can’t tell if Maidsafecoin is also present :stuck_out_tongue:



Wells Fargo Survey :thinking:

Would be good to have someone a bit more independent do a similar survey


Facebook is trying to save face. But only goes skin deep and ignores the underlying structural problem. They don’t mention that they still own your data and their t&c allows them to basically do as they wish with it.

Advert on a local bus stop in Australia


When AWS starts to fail — like it did in March and again in June — it can seem like the entire internet is collapsing.

Go SAFE Network, if only the AWS apps knew what’s coming.


Saw the same sign in the mighty Royal Burgh of Renfrew on Saturday - drew a laugh out of me even though I was still smarting from a beating at tennis.


Before he was elected, Ford promised that he would not cancel the basic income pilot



Without a counterbalance, the law of rent will just soak up the free money anyway. Both sides need to be tackled or it will fail.