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A patent can be used to block others from doing things.


If I fully comprehend, that’s what they plan to offer.


And land them on Mars instead of Earth. Makes sense! :slight_smile:


This browser is amazing!
Hope that once Safenetwork will be live we’ll have a similar browser


It’s creator

I hope the Brave browser, add the SAFE protocol + integrate SAFE vault, would also mean 3M people on the SAFE Network…



The Data Transfer Project, a way for us to migrate from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and the like into SAFE Network:


Developer Topic


We need a new model for tech journalism


In early April, eight students at China’s prestigious Peking University filed a freedom of information request for the school’s official records on Gao Yan, a student who reported two decades ago that she had been sexually assaulted by a professor and subsequently killed herself.

The censors swiftly removed from WeChat, a popular Chinese messaging app, an open letter penned by Yue Xin, one of the students behind the freedom of information request.

However, a supporter was able to circumvent speech restrictions on this topic by embedding Yue’s letter into the tamper-proof Ethereum blockchain.

Students from universities across the country similarly embedded messages in their transaction descriptions, therefore enabling for unrestricted and free conversation on the issue to take place.

But blockchain is not a perfect solution here—far from it…



I saw SAFE so this is probably related :stuck_out_tongue:


Paying tax is not bad as long as we get services in return! Corruption is the problem with taxation , imho !


Put it on a blockchain so that it becomes transparent what tax is being used for. Just don’t “use violence and jail time” against the kids who want 2 chainz, and hard fork to not pay tax. :joy:

It feels good to know that computing resources will become money creation, and that we will finally have a resource based money. SAFEcoin will really be the best money in the universe, all at the same time it’s worth $1 in fiat, 1Gb storage, 10M PUTs and for some publicIDs $25M. It’s crazy that a token can have so many different values, how do you even come close to competing with that with your fialt experiment? Artistic money vs Con currency…


I don't get it, why can't ad be run on the SAFEnetwork? It can be like Brave!


So we will not see new centralised exchanges?


From the article:

We continue to examine opportunities to list MAID on other centralised exchanges to provide holders with as many options as possible,

My interpretation of this is that MaidSafe doesn’t currently know of, with a big enough certainty, a new (decent) centralised exchange that will list MAID in the (near) future.



If we care about DEXes, then ERC20 :heart:


First Assassination Markets Appear on Prediction Platform Augur. It will be interesting to follow what will happen with mostly unwanted, seemingly uncontrollable, decentralized ‘markets’ like this one. Also relevant to the Safe Network of course.
Maybe they should introduce RIP instead of REP(=Augur) for this market :thinking:


Institutional investors swap bitcoin futures for physisical bitcoin. Sounds good. Did they stop to speculate and started to accumulate?


Seems lots of people are having problem withdrawing funds

Poloniex users have taken to the exchange’s unofficial subreddit in recent weeks, complaining about missing or “stuck deposits.” One user said:

“It seems I’ve joined the ranks of countless users who have a missing / “stuck” deposit – one of those where every block explorer shows your funds in your Poloniex-sanctioned deposit address, sitting politely with 400 thousand million confirmations, while your account never actually reflects said funds…”