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This list is surprising. Some of these selections seems like kind of a big FU to a lot of other cryptos that actually are decentralized and of higher market cap.


I find it a bit amusing they are exploring Stellar Lumens, Brad Garlinghouse and the rest of the Ripple crew must be fuming.


If you can’t beat them, buy them :dollar::wink:


Trolling Coinbase? :joy:


Pretty interesting to analyze the possible evolution of social networks into many private groups



Unlike all us Americans who took over a month to read and celebrate the publication of the PARSEC whitepaper back on July 4, thousands gathered in Paris today to celebrate the release of the PARSEC code this week by team MaidSafe.

Safesters be safe out there.:sunglasses:

Edit: First! :sweat_smile:



“The big vision is, everybody has a coin.”
Priceless :joy:




Privacy pioneers plan ‘zero tracking’ rival to Facebook (FT, paywall)


Cyber security and privacy pioneers are launching a crowdfunding campaign to build an alternative to Facebook, hoping to woo users dissatisfied with the social network after the huge data leak to Cambridge Analytica.

The new platform, Openbook, is backed by experts including Philip Zimmermann, who created PGP, the most widely used email encryption software, and Jaya Baloo, chief information security officer for Dutch telecoms company KPN Telecom. The site will be “open source, zero tracking, zero spying, zero ads”, and give 30 per cent of its revenue to charitable causes.


‘UK Positioned to Lead the Crypto Economy According to a New Report’ -Live Bitcoin News

…bodes well for MAIDSAFE based in Troon, Scotland : )



That is excellent, seems like Coinbase prepares for the Maidsafe success when demand will skyrocket around alpha 4 - Beta. :slight_smile:



Someone should introduce them to the SAFE Network.
Resilient Anonymous Communication for Everyone (RACE)


Complete surveys, earn KIN and spend it on gift cards.
Cool little app, only android and US for now.
Released to today.


Your link to article about Openbook seems to be behind a paywall.
Here is another link:


@maidsafe some partnerships can help when looking at the numbers, especially if this could come with SAFE vaults integration. SAFE Network would also be better for BAT, just a thought.



Maybe those services should have used the SAFE network :stuck_out_tongue:


Do I understand this correct, Mastercard wants to link crypto wallets to our credit cards?