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Their department actually recommends people to use vpns for basic security. Also VPN can be made indistinguishable to normal https traffic

But VPNs are used so much for business that they could not get it passed. Unless they went dictatorship and banned encryption. (which they also tried a decade ago and was laughed out of parliament


do you know if safenet will be available also for chinese citizens? will it be resistant to the government web blocking techniques…?

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Well there are a few factors to consider. Will the government require all phones and computers to be backdoored and report back to central government exactly what programs are running on your computer.

They have been trialing a phone app that tracks their people in one region and the police on street corners are too stop people and check the app is installed and running. This was a year or two ago they started this.

So we have to wait and see how far the government is willing to go to stop people from using applications that bypass their controls. Will the government ban home computers and only allow community computers in internet cafes style of places? Or will they do as they do now and just have the firewall?

We don’t know and will work around what they implement (if possible)


Github blocking catalan protest app :expressionless:


Really well put, AI ahould be instructed maybe to ask us for any action it wants to do but how do we give so many answers, the AI would ask ton of questions and then who will answer to that question so its safe?

I agree that’s a hard one to solve, but until we recognise that’s the way to go we’re heading for a fall.

So getting AI researchers on board is the first step.

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Just unleash the beast and let the uncertainty of life to take place.

What’s up every day?

Medium. Its ruined the Internet for me.
Far too often I search for a topic, click a link, then bam… walled content.


And Twitter will also stop political ads.


Fleming… :star_struck:

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What do folks think of the soft UFO alien disclosure that’s been happening with the release of those Navy videos from department of defence?


Those Navy videos have been shown to not be alien, by some people who know how to analyse footage and its simply normal plane activity of crafts ahead moving one way while the plane is turning the other way. This creates very unusual shapes.

This site has some amazingly smart people who do great analysis work

Any claim of it being aliens is a total beat up and the navy is not being forthcoming and the pilots are pilots not footage analysis, that is why the footage is analysed afterwards.

Watch teh 0ne minute video if you don’t want to read


Happy 11th Birthday Bitcoin Whitepaper!


Maybe we are talking about the wrong one, I meant the US videos. There are three of them. AKA Tic Tac UFO.


Here are the videos:

Video # 1

Gimbal: The First Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release

Video # 2

FLIR1: Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release

Video # 3

Go Fast: Official USG Footage of UAP for Public Release

Watching Commander Fraver on the Joe Rogan program was very enlightening.

Joe Rogan Experience #1361 - Cmdr. David Fravor & Jeremy Corbell

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As with the fastest man made object we sent to space, +17 km/s would take about 20 000 years (source Antonov Petrov yt) to reach the nearest star a couple of light years away. I would be very surprised if we get any visitors from elsewhere and would probably buy a lottery ticket or 2 if we did. :slightly_smiling_face:

Whatever the phenomenon is, I would probably bet on some kind of light/plasma thing. It is even hard to Imagine that we will ever reach our nearest star. In a few billion years it would be good if we could reach beyond our galaxy but that is for future generations to worry about. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Light and plasma doesn’t Jam radar my friend. It doesn’t copy cat movement, make right angle turns, stop, start, affect water.


That site shows those too.

Pilots are not analysis and those footages are sent back to analysis to improve the software in the planes. The Navy does not claim they are any more than UFOs.

UFO is Unidentified Flying Object and does not mean Alien.

It is the media that makes that leap to sell advertising on their nviews channels

It was two planes one turning one way and the other the other way and the combines vectors make for some conspiracy writings but perfectly explainable. EDIT: and very interesting profiles.