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Yes this is the one. I don’t think the economist is aware of MAIDSAFE. Just speculating.


‘‘Most markets are somewhat concentrated, and no technology is likely to change that.’’



Even SAFE if allowed by inaction of developers could also become centralised by the big companies. What SAFE allows is the relatively simple implementation of user owns data system.

Saying it another way. While SAFE’s core is decentralised and easily enables decentralised applications. True decentralisation comes about with more than a technological solution. The applications and the users must embrace decentralisation.

And its good to see that even while SAFE is in the early alpha stages there are developers already developing systems/apps that are anti-centralisation.


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Elastos claims to have built the backbone of the new Internet.
Actually works differently from the SafeNetwork. Its plan is curious but I got many questions and doubts regarding its structure
What do you guys think about it?


They plan using a blockchain to issue IDs. If this is not centralisation then what is? Even if you can have as many as you want it still relies on a blockchain. The only trust is that if you have the private key then its your ID. No need for blockchain really, unless you want traceability and that not so anonymous is it.

SAFE has it that you can generate your own ID, no need for blockchain.

But what if we use blockchain to issue IDs to everyone? Think about it for a second. What if we put our trust not in people or parties who can easily manipulate and take advantage of us, but we instead put our trust in code that is impossible to tamper with and does not take bribes? If you think about it, the blockchain was invented to fix the problems of the internet and that’s exactly what Elastos is aiming for. If we can have blockchain issue IDs for everyone on the internet, we could solve the issue of trust

Every time someone requests to fetch data from this new internet, the user ID, device ID, virtual machine ID are all authenticated using blockchain first.

It seems it is concerned with ID management and transaction management and validating access rights to data or that the data is valid and validating Apps. Yet how are these things considered valid in the first place. Like who ensures the Application is a valid App in first place and then gets it signed by that blockchain. I doubt this can be considered autonomous or a new backbone. Its simply a layer of ID management with some VM smarts implementing smart contracts/transactions.

Isn’t this just a YABA (Yet Another Blockchain Application)


Yes, I think that the proper description is exactly YABA. I agree with your analysis


For what it is worth, Solid is in the “Trending: today”-list on github https://github.com/trending?since=daily



Great news guys!!. New video published by Maidsafe explaining the Proof of Resource concept. The animations are simple and clear and the explanation is incisive. Awesome job!


Brilliant intro video for noobs


I think the new video is looking very good with top notch design quality, explains the benefits of the network speed, security and mining/farming very well. I think it makes that you want to start mining/farming instantly.


EU copyright nonsense rejected by MEPs :+1:



Although it’s not finished yet. They’ll vote again on September


Maybe there is still hope for the EU after all, this is a day to celebrate! :tada:


This is so simple and palatable for the average Joe to understand, perfect! It’s not easy boiling down complicated info into simplistic terms. Great job!