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Or someone wanting to cash in on his “name” Since Satoshi is deliberately keeping silent anyone could claim to be him/her and profit enough to be worth while, The book would still sell even if discovered to be a fake Satoshi.


Sure, but imo you can understand many things from a book. The way that it’s written will make the world discover if he’s fake or the real one.
Moreover if he’s the real Satoshi, I think he knows the way to prove it.

Selling the book doesn’t have sense to me. With all the BTC in his possession, he doesn’t need to to make profit. Thus, this will be the first step to know him better. If he’s Satoshi, he’ll just let the book be “open source”


First of all, the “nakamotofamilyfoundation.org/” sounds fishy.

Read the excerpt. May be wrong, but having read Satoshi’s initial posts, his white paper and some of his answers to forum questions, I would say the excerpt sounds kinda unfocused and messy at times. Satoshi in general wrote very coherently and his texts seemed well thought out and carefully structured. No digression.

On the other hand, sentencing, rhythm, style and the underlying tone my friends call me schizophrenic for hearing tell me it could be him – or someone who has prepared pretty well for the task of imitating him.

I don’t think it’s him. But if he is (and maybe even if he’s not), the book will turn into a nerd Bible. Converts will read through this voraciously many times over, the rest of the world will yawn.


The book is just a bait for the real Satoshi. He won’t bite.


Probably, we’ll see in the future


MaidSafe Dev Update - June 28, 2018

But… will it free from Putin?


It Doesn’t sound like it is Decentralized. So why would anyone want to join a centralized system built by a dubious government?


We already did :stuck_out_tongue:




I haven’t heard Tim’s views on blockchain but equating Solid and decentralisation of the Web with support for it is baseless. I shall see what he thinks about those claims!

It’s great to see he’s presenting Solid at the summit, and Maidsafe will be there too.

UPDATE: Tim is not impressed, wishes to point out that Solid is not a blockchain.



Lovely stuff…

David [20 characters and all that jazz]


I couldn’t read the post entitled: “There is no single solution to making the internet more decentralized”

Beacuse the gate keepers at the economist wanted me to buy a subscription. Did anyone get to read it? I thought MAIDSAFE would be the single solution to making the internet more decentralized.


I can’t read it either


This one?
“How to fix what has gone wrong with the internet”


hmm i think he’s referring to another article
Maybe this one?
Update I can now read it :slight_smile:


Yeah beat me to it by 5 seconds! Can you see it OK?


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