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the enormous “public goods” the present financial system offers and the power of the state — on behalf of citizens — to protect the provision of said goods.


It would be interesting to see the long line of 5000 community members queueing up to the construction site, to add their share of the costs.
Then someone comes with the idea: “Let Joe do this, he’s trustworthy and he can receive our deposits and transfer it to them and make sure all pay a share, and we can go back to work (or loiter)”. And there you have government, in the form of Joe.

Or just trust everyone will know when, remember to and freely do, the deposit to all contractors every single time a pavement is laid or roadside lightbulb switched?

(sorry for the OT, the forum is so inactive currently and I am drinking my lunch coffee with nothing to do)


…and it would be even more interesting to see an app that would allow the construction site to require covering the fair share of the costs from everyone involved.

Not too much of a sci-fi by any means. And definitely not a “back to some form of government one way or another” scenario.


I suspect the construction firm would just issue permits to build and maintain such inftastructure. Make the firm a cooperative and you pretty much have distributed governance and ownership. This isn’t dissimilar to having a Road Fund License in the UK, really. If there was a will, there would certainly be a way.


Oh, I don’t consider it science fiction with DAO’s and so on. I can imagine in detail how it would work. Only it is far from current reality to have it 100% in everything.
And so I just think it is funny with the radicalism portraid by such memes, and so often regurgitated with not much thinking, which basically means everyone has to participate in everything. Delegating and giving responsibility to individuals to carry the voice for others, is not possible without starting the seed for a government, I mean the two are the same thing.

But by all means carry on :slight_smile: . I was just bored. But right now I am not bored enough to go deeper into that :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really. I delegate the provision of broadband to my ISP. I delegate the growing of food to farmers. I delegate the the delivery of fuel for my car to oil refiners, etc. They may provide governance over the process, but they are not governments.

Centralisation of power is easy. Distribution of power is hard. That doesn’t mean we should give up on it, just as with software.


You are talking about something else. I said “Delegating and giving responsibility to individuals to carry the voice for others


Get bored enough and back to it whenever you do.

I can imagine people participating in everything once the system makes it easier and simpler than current elections, and once humans don’t have to work and have more time on their hands. Perhaps people need to get more bored to get into that. I mean, look at you.

It’s great that people keep questioning and doubting anyone in position of power and to what extent that power is necessary, justified and beneficial to society as a whole. Naivety does not bother me. Cynicism, apathy and defeatism does.

Whether the fact you may always have to delegate some duty and responsibility to someone else necessarily means you recreate a government as we know it or that you concentrate an almost universal power over your life in the hands of someone the way it often seems to be with governments of today – that’s something I’m not sure about.

I think people really should strive to come up with different and more calibrated mechanisms to agree on things than a bunch of quite possibly fraudulent, corrupted and self-serving people to whom you often wouldn’t trust with anything on a personal level just based on the vibe they give but who somehow always end up ruling the world.







King Larimer has thrown out the eos constitution. “It’s gone,” he said to wide applause, well by some. Some others are chattering of potentially even having a fork of eos that runs the old constitution.

Appears to be chaos. Imagine what could happen if $4bn were injected into a scheme that has actually thought things through before launching?


Lookout coinbase Facebook is coming for you!!!


“The probability of a successful payment operation with no more than a few dollars is 70 percent, while the success rate for a payment of less than $200 is 1 percent.”


Via Mr @DGeddes

Dog lovers fighting back against cat memes in style!



Seems that Satoshi is coming back


Two sites that are actively cataloging failed crypto projects, Coinopsy and DeadCoins, have found that over a 1,000 projects have failed so far in 2018. The projects range from true abandonware to outright scams, and include BRIG, a scam by two “brothers,” Jack and Jay Brig, and Titanium, a project that ended in an SEC investigation.