What’s up today?


This is true. We should be striving for an empathic civilization, not for someone’s idea of perfection: we need to have empathy for imperfection.


haha I remember our singularity /merging conversations back in the day. Glad to know you do too :slight_smile:

Good times. & my positions haven’t changed :slight_smile:





Is SAFE DNA proof? lol


When its commercially available then SAFE will truly have DNA


Looks like central banks haven’t heard of the SAFE Network. Mainstream media and institutions are not going to know what hit when the network starts, and safecoin rocks the crypto world and the world of central banking.


Just imagine how the SAFE Network could improve upon an initiative like this:



Just trying to get past through the day


Anybody watch westworld???



Whats Up Today? You can’t beat memes! :-1:


Ha! Brexit memes will really wind them up! :wink:



Not really an event but I found this and think it’s pretty cool. https://github.com/DenisKolodin/yew



SAFE Network is a dozen of steps further from the nerd fancy territory and closer to a sheer necessity, as Articles 11 and 13 are likely to become a thing pretty soon.



The more I read these news, the less I can see any worth alternative to SafeNetwork.I can’t wait to see the project completed. We need Safe as soon as possible in order to face these big problems which are affecting our privacy and safety


I agree. Knowingly or not, the world is getting ready for the Safe Network. I really, really do want to believe the Safe Network reciprocates :zipper_mouth_face: