What’s up today?


@neo, remember, there is no time in the Matrix.


See you in the morning for our Australian Christmas :christmas_tree: !!!


My mood right now…



I’m more like this:

(May selfish wishes and desires flow through me, leaving me indifferent and cool.)


We did it with more than 90 minutes to spare :smiley: deadlines, we get them all, eventually :smiley: :smiley:


It’s here! Welcome to the future mates! :sunglasses:

Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

This is the definition of backfire. :popcorn:




Not to take away from SAFE or PARSEC, but I found this qurious. :sweat_smile:


Air Force One over DPRK last year.


An example of bad marketing


I am so tempted to make some type of Frozen or Mr. Freeze meme out of this, but I think it’s better to just let this serve as a reminder of the real consequences of unethical BS in crypto at the moment.


Yeah what a stupid stunt, costing someone’s life to plant a bunch of worthless coins at the top of a dangerous sumit.


This is why I hope Safe Network gets launched soon:

http://cryptorials.io/why-we-need-decentralised-news-now/ (its about a current news story)

          What’s Up Today?

Seems that EOS got serious problems


Hahaha I rarely shun or talk poorly of projects but I really dislike EOS. Not because they are any sort of threat but because Dan Larimer is such a crap talking shister that I feel he deserves it in return. Kind of immature eye for an eye mentality, I know. Besides that I think delegation is too governmenty and prone to centralization or perhaps some kind of deep capture (to sound somewhat conspiratorial). We can do better. EOS will be like that song you thought was pretty good till you heard it on the radio and then you realized everyone likes it, just because they heard it on the radio. EOS is so overhyped.


Is the launch really postponed though? Till when? Can’t find much on that.


It seems that as major the issues might have been, they’ve been patched.


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