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The Metaverse: like these virtual 3d meetings where everyone has an avatar (a kind of cartoon version of himself)? That Metaverse will be a fait divers (like 3D televisions) in the big scheme of things IMHO. What is the added value of this compared to simple videoconferencing?

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My impression is more akin to say Decentraland (have you visited?) or in Facebook’s case I pressume the evolution toward social interaction more in line with they are doing with Oculus.
I have not used VR for a while but it seems that what they are doing there makes metaverse the logical next step for the company.
As much as I can’t stand FB this is probably going to keep them relevant.

The US trying to further encircle Russia.
I just traveled Ukraine. Talking to the locals, since the US backed revolution 2014 in Ukraine, corruption has easily doubled consuming 30% of the national budget. The US backed presidential puppet, an actor, pushes division between Russians and Ukrainians when in fact they are very close cousins. The US has cousins shooting at each other. It’s sad and disgusting.


Not just the US itself, its the banker tribe that supports/controls them.

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I’m not following it that much, certainly the VR stuff. I don’t see the added value in VR/3d simulation videoconferencing compared to normal ones: making things needlessly complicated. Future will tell and there could be other (Meta → Oculus) VR usages that will be more successful.

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Looks like augmented may be the winner.
Anyway if anyone here is interested the last video has an hour of Mark explaining where they see it going.

They obviously have the data to know where things are going :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Privacy. Security. Freedom

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They need to get rid of Zuckerberg if they have any chance of rebranding


True, I don’t think they intend to change the dirty core of their business too much but they clearly do need to evolve the offering or get left behind.

I hope they fail, but I can imagine people sleepwalking into this new form of tyranny.


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The current cartoon avatars is a technical limitation. The goal is to have 3d scanned (by camera) photorealistic avatars. That is still some years away though.

Videoconferencing is still very different from actually meeting someone. Once you have VR videoconferencing with photorealistic avatars it won’t be.


Interesting thread on how bad marketing can leverage hate, and be a positive technique in disguise. Not sure if it’s useful for MaidSafe it the community, but it’s worth reading all the same (in the context of Meta) and because…

NBER found that the top 10 percent of mining operations control around 90 percent of the Bitcoin mining capacity. What’s more, just 0.1 percent of miners (about 50 operations) are responsible for half of all mining output.


I had similar thoughts myself, particularly when I saw the amateurish logo. I think it’s more likely that it’s a ploy to sideline the Frances Haugen headlines though.

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Bumped into this today:

At first glance thought it was just another shitcoin … and in many ways it is - website says it’s “decentralized” but really just distributed, and not strongly either from my read.

What’s interesting about it though is that it appears to be a DBC coin and I’m not aware of too many examples out there in the wild, so worth a glance I think.


They say it’s closer to DNS. I found their GitHub CloudCoin Consortium · GitHub but I can’t pin down anything specific to the currency or how it really works.

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