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Brave browser sync doesnt need a password, you just scan a qr code!

that means if you let someone use your pc can scan the barcode and sync all of your history etc!

gonna go back to firefox

Brave had also DNS bug, it was sending .onion domains to local DNS provider:)

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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and we are in active conversations with other crypto-DNS providers to integrate their solutions within Brave.

@bochaco would it also be easy to integrate NRS? Just curious :sweat_smile:

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This scenario sounds like it might be considered a “gift” from someone and subject to the gift tax guidelines federally. The giver is usually the one who is required to file and pay taxes for a gift but only if the value exceeds 15K USD per calendar year. If the value of the gift was more than 15K the giver would have to file and possibly pay any applicable taxes but only if they used up their lifetime exclusion. On top of the $15,000 annual exclusion, you get an $11.7 million lifetime exclusion. So the giver shouldn’t have any tax liability unless the total of the gifts exceeds $11.7 mil in their lifetime.

For the receiver of a gift, if the asset then produces an income after receipt of the gift (like collecting dividends, rewards or interest from the gift), that income would then likely be taxable under current tax law. Also, if the receiver sold said coin for fiat, they would likely be liable for income taxes from that sale. But the receiver wouldn’t be liable for taxes just for receiving the gift AFAIK. I think the creator of said coin would have more potential tax worries than the receivers in this scenario.

Here is the reason for decentralization without blockchain! It was a long journey, but the real thing comes.

Hat off the team.


Hmmm, not sure you’d want this from a security POV. I’d be pretty hesitant to use a single browser for Safe and web.


Is anarchism just a kooky fringe ideology? Maybe not.

Michael Malice’s latest book (released a week ago), The Anarchist Handbook, made it all the way to #1 among nonfiction books on Amazon. He accomplished this feat with no publisher, no marketing department, and not even a book launch.

Today he speaks with Tom Woods about the book.


NFTs for aliens now…


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Bring on human Safe Nodes :crazy_face:


I can see very dense storage coming, it’s almost inevitable and it will help Safe a lot, an awful lot. Then we worry less as redundancy can be almost every node stores every bit of data. The metadata/mutable data/crdt stuff is more real time though and needs the network to continually apply that and make it available to everyone. I love the fact it’s coming together nicely.


Further good news for humanity


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As a former DNA sequencing lab guy, I will agree wholeheartedly that DNA can store an immense amount of information. And as the article points out long term storage is great and easy.

This is all fine if long term storage is all you want. The caveat here is that to access that data requires a fair bit of time - far far more than conventional methods.

So I won’t hold my breath on DNA being a great form of storage in the future. There are many other promising technologies though and I believe we will get to the next level in a decade or so.


Tesla in popular culture, David Bowie playing him in “The Prestige” (Christopher Nolan, 2006):