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Translation: They are about preventing parasites from making off with too much of the common wealth.

Anarchist when it suits, Good citizen when it comes to using common resources like roads, education, public utilities - oh and the defence umbrella.

The defence umbrella thats responsible for our unjust wars?


that’s the one :slight_smile:


It’s a shame the majority of these parasites are at the top of the “common wealth” food chain dictating what the common man should pay on his hard earned wealth whilst also contributing less :man_shrugging:t3:


It is the death throws of a nationalised monetary system. Denationalised currencies will continue to roll in and it will change the way the world thinks about money.

People have become very accepting of the all seeing state eye, but I don’t think it will last. When their control of the money supply slips out of their grasp, it will usher in a new model of taxation. I suspect it will be based around property, which cannot easily be evaded. That’s no bad thing though, as those Georgists were probably onto something - tax the rent seekers, for they are using state force to extract wealth from the poor.


I added an automatic translation of the weekly news and shared it in Twitter and Facebook


Could be big news for Ethereum price.


Naomi covers the recent push to make stable coins illegal amongst other related topics.


Good video. And the Ron Paul clip was icing on the cake. It makes sense though, governments more than anything are afraid of losing control. Gaddafi had to go because he wanted to free himself from the dollar. Same for Saddam Hussein. Now common people are standing up to government monopolies on money printing. As president Andrew Jackson said, “The bank … is trying to kill me, but I will kill it!” May we finally kill the creature from Jekyll Island and all its counterparts!


Follow up articles on this information… and a lesson on how to be a hitman using words.

It feels like when someone works for a paper, they sell their soul and need to bend stories to suit some agenda their publication has - instead of actually reporting the facts.

This video tears down the New York Times ‘journalists’ Catie Edmonsdosn and Nicholas Fandos and is a short lesson on how to use language to spin a story.

Really interesting …

So are they being ignorant or malicious? Chris from Peak Prosperity nails it.

“How to write propaganda 101” - LOL - I would take that course.


It makes sense. The media outlets are just companies trying to make a profit. Sell to your audience and do what you have to do to make a buck. They’re really hurting now with social media and independent journalists coming into the fold too. That said, government propaganda is worse, at least here there are multiple arguing factions vs one ministry of truth. On top of that the governments have no problem feeding propaganda to these media conglomerates as well, such was the case with the COINTELPRO program. In the end it comes down to you can’t trust anyone. What a world we live in…

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Interesting article. There is much I agree with at the start of it, but his attitude is arrogant and abrasive towards the end.

Everyone gets stuff wrong. No one knows everything and always makes the right decisions. Most business successes have a large margin of luck and fortuitous timing. Mistaking this for omnipotence is a recipe for ultimate failure.

If you watch his videos, he explains why he behaves like that. He believes that in the modern world more people value arrogance than modesty, ie. as a good actor he gives the audience what they are looking for…

If you want to see the real Richard, listen to this part where he gives sex Easter Egg for men ahahahah

I’m sure some people love being told how it is. It doesn’t work for me though, so I’ll pass. History will judge his approach in the long run.


Well, look, I’ve talked to him personally and I can say from personal experience that his public behavior is just an acting role. He behaves in a completely different way in a personal conversation…