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TIL Javascript first appeared December 4, 1995; 24 years ago

:cake: Happy Birthday Javascript


The stupidity of big government never ceases to amaze…


I added an automatic translation of the weekly news and shared it in Twitter and Facebook


Great episode. Loving Raoul’s thoughts recently.

I haven’t been following DeFi


And a guy who claims he was scammed out of $1m on that exchange has a Twitter profile that says:
“Always DYOR. Don’t trust. Verify.” Shouldn’t laugh, but…


These are not DeFi products. Everything that has an admin key with which to change the smart contract cannot be and is not a DeFi. UniSwap is DeFi without admin keys. Hex is DeFi without admin keys. Most other things are CeFi - Centralized Finance.


Apparently they’ve cut and run, disappearing without trace and deleting everything, including their website, as they go. I can’t find any news on this that isn’t cut and paste, but how can you know if an exchange is genuine DeFi or not? Apparently this one had been audited. Also, who would put $1m in a random exchange that’s only been running for a month? Fools and their money…


The most common scheme is to replace the smart contract that is uploaded with other than the one that has been audited…


An insider wanting to make the platform look legit, who gets their funds back on the sly but gets to write off $1M in stolen assets.


You’re probably right there

So the audits are worthless

Well, a trigger guard is also useless if you give a gun to a child…

I wouldn’t call this an exchange…isn’t it just a contract? I didn’t read about this one but I think yearn is a set of contracts that automate yield farming.

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Yup. Buyer beware. Must be lovely for the scammers that there are so many fools with so much money though. If it weren’t for my morals I’d go into it myself

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I’m sure you’re right. I haven’t looked into it. Even so…

wow … did he post that before or after. Sucks to lose that kinda change. I speak from experience - I was scammed big time years ago by a fake BTC mining rig website. Let’s just say that if I had all those BTC today, I’d be living the good life. ;-( … well at least I can say, lesson learned.

indeed … I’ve been a fool in the past, I suspect others here have too. It’s maybe human nature.