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Conservatives :roll_eyes:

The Online Harms Bill will be laid before Parliament soon. This legislation, part of the Digital Charter’s vision of making the UK “the safest place in the world to be online”, will impose a legally binding obligation on service providers to prevent bad things from happening on the internet.


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Well that worked better than expected.

I got github to free up the username ‘happybeing’ so I could have it (it had been dormant six years) and here I am: https://github.com/happybeing

How? I contacted support via the link at the bottom of the github.com page and asked! A few hours later I got an email saying it’s done, go for it.

Now to continue building a #p2p #gitportal to replace #github :smile_cat:



*20 charachters


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I am not sure. This sounds like a case for centralization. On safe network you couldn’t get a dormant name.


ha, I posted that over in watch this video just now … should’ve checked here first, you’re already on top of it @jlpell !


Interesting … I hope that lock-downs aren’t keeping people out of the sun more … as that would just be making things worse.


If I own an NRS name on Safe I can use it anywhere I like, and nobody else can use it on any service. So it’s a case for having exclusive use of an identity.

Centralisation is bad when the consequences are bad, not because it’s centralisation. What are the bad consequences of my having exclusive use of an identity across the Safe Network? How do they compare with the benefits?

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Object Capabilities in Rust:

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I take daily supplements. No reason not to, really. Super cheap and easy. I wonder why governments aren’t pushing this more, tbh.

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Just to be sure:

  • someone created a name on Github but didn’t use it for 6 years
  • you asked for the control of this name to github support and they give it to you.

Is this sequence of events correct?

This could happen because github is a centralized solution and is a very bad thing because it shows that users are not in control of their data on this platform when someone from the staff is able to do this.

Fortunately, this won’t be possible on the safe network.

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On Safe this doesn’t arise as already noted. On github, it’s a weakness which I was able to use to move my old net web identity a bit closer to the improved situation that will happen on Safe.

So it’s not an argument for centralisation, if by that you mean for github, which I think is what you were suggesting.

It illustrates the benefit of a Safe NRS name:

  • nobody can take it
  • you get exclusive use of it everywhere
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Nice to know re: Ubuntu 19.

Fyi - ZFS is a real write amplification "storage"pig, it will chew up and wear out your SSD/HDD media much faster than all other alternatives with excessive duplicate writes, gets really ugly if you are using RAID, also makes de-duplication algorithms work harder, take longer to clean up the mess ZFS creates…