What’s up today?


Hi guys, got the idea of creating a unique news-topic where you can daily check what’s new in the world (instead of single topics for every news). You can share here everything about crypto or anything else that attracts your attention. Let me know what you think about
—just an experiment—


Love it! Very good idea, to stay always up to date. :sunglasses:


As long as it doesn’t contain price speculation, predictions etc. We limit that talk to level 1 or higher and already have the topics for that.


Sure, that’s for Maidsafe-price topic.

Here just share news and comments about anything that you find interesting


Two topics actually for those who wish to speculate


I think this is an awesome idea Future, go for it. Try something small and easy to manage and see how it goes over a measured amount of time. Good thinking. :thinking::smile:


I’m learning the SAFE etiquette from you Neo, thanks for posting this reply. :sunglasses:

       — What’s up today? —

• Today starts the Consensus 2018 conference and takes place in NY.

If you want to watch the event live, here’s the link—> Consensus 2018

If you’re joining the event, feel free to share your impressions or comments here :sunglasses:


I think this will have long-term significance. The first trickle has appeared on the low side of the dike.

A wee while before we get to this but any excuse …


Updating the cover of the topic

Let me know what you think about :+1:


Anyone on this thread going?


The original was good


What’s Up Today?




This will backfire so beautifully. I’m almost bleeding from biting my tongue so hard.



Nasdaq in the game. Big investors are coming


It’d be amazing to see maidsafecoin make it into the exchange. Maidsafecoin has such a long history and still has a good market cap and trading volume not to mention sitting in the top ten for a long time before erc20 tokens flooded the mareket. @nicklambert @SarahPentland @dugcampbell I wonder if it’s possible to reach out? Or perhaps we stay on course and focus on safecoin first?


Bitcoin’s energy footprint has more than doubled since Grist first wrote about it six months ago.

It’s expected to double again by the end of the year, according to a new peer-reviewed study out Wednesday. And if that happens, bitcoin would be gobbling up 0.5 percent of the world’s electricity, about as much as the Netherlands.