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Including Digital Ocean and presumably the droplets we were using

It wasn’t me… I never touched a thing!!!


You didn’t try to upload the whole of node again did you?


not the whole of node, no…

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But a fair bit of it eh? Shall we say ‘the majority’?


Who is this "we " you speak of? I am saying nothing

not without a lawyer. is @dugcampbell around?


Great article.

There is a rich but incomplete field of emergent work to draw from: New frameworks such as Socio-technical Security , and Decentralization off the shelf , exist to assist protocol designers understand and model interfaces and threats more completely and realistically.

Here is the Decentralisation off the shelf reference but have yet to find a decent Socio-technical Security one.

From concluding paragraph:

We can no longer marvel at the novel interactions afforded by peer-to-peer technologies, nor perform political theatrics within these networks. We need to lay aside our delusions that decentralisation grants us immunity – any ground ceded to the commons will be met with amplified resistance from those who already own these spaces. When this happens, every single arrogant tradeoff, every decision made in ignorance that assumes a stable march towards progress without regression will be called to account. Without cohesive organisation, mobilisation to harden security and privacy and without a sincere commitment from protocol designers to revise their collective assumptions, the push back from incumbent power will leverage each and every socio-technical flaw in each and every network. The fallout and trauma for increasingly digitalised communities will unquestionably dwarf the 2000s Copyright War. If there is no collective worldview reset, the peer-to-peer movement will remain a historical novelty, a technological bauble and thought experiment for detached technologists unable to understand the political gravity of their tools, and whose life work will never withstand the attacks against it.

These concluding remarks remind me of the protocol obfuscation discussions such as this one held on this forum over the years. When Safe Network succeeds authoritarian-lite countries and ISPs will degrade the undesired protocol, full blown ones are going to block it outright… if they can. The Safe Network will require the ability to effectively disguise communication as https traffic. With luck the QUIC Protocol will allow this without much extra work there is certainly a lot of related discussion in the QUIC community.


I just acquired a 3D laser printer so am just starting to mess around with different design programs to engrave select items, which got me thinking. The program I’m testing currently is a vector program on an iPad.

I made these from scratch for fun, and when I say scratch I’m referring to the quality. Really only sharing to get input on the ‘idea’ more than anything.

I’m considering either spending more time on these or getting them professionally designed and making some actual physical coins if it’s cheap enough. I thought it might be handy to take some pictures of these coins in different settings much like you see the physical gold bitcoin in blog or article images.

Would a gold or silver (looking) coin be better representative of Safecoin?


Second image is unfinished and a copy of the front face for the most part. Still wondering if it should be circuit themed or more simple on the back SAFE NETWORK face.


Hey friends,

I had to replace the platypus with :love: because I made the logo :safe: come out smaller in size. Unfortunately, the forum makes all other stickers starting with safe smaller!?? And so I had to change the stickers words…


Actual physical coins were considered by Scotcoin for promos. It may yet happen.
We were impressed by the quality and price on qtys over 1000 IIRC
I can send contact details if you want.


This is an interesting company I’ve been following vaguely for some time. Have to say the odds are stacked against them and they’re going to need a hell of a lot of money to get it off the ground, but who knows?


Is that like a laser cutter (mainly for wood I thought) or a 3d printer for plastic (or metal), or is this some beast I’ve not heard of before? Very cool whatever. I started to learn to use a laser cutter a while back but didn’t get to do much with it in the end. Still have a pack of unopened laser safe plywood.


Nice idea! and the network symbol is ideal for a coin.

I’d lose the Latin… better as greek “Ασφαλής Πρόσβαση Για Ολους” (Greeks > Romans!) - alt if you must Latin would be [Vires in Numeris], which is an old hook for crypto-crowd.

Around the edge with the network symbol, I’d suggest [Privacy, Security; Freedom]
and alt side perhaps… [Secure Access For Everyone] + [Massive Array Internet Disks]

[Digital Currency] useful the other peer to peer and anonymous, seems like clutter.


Perhaps a bit newer. It is a 3D laser cutter because it can sense 3D objects with its cameras and engrave such an object also at varying depths I believe. It’s a class 4 laser. I can’t remember the max thickness it can cut but it’s not much, about 1/4” or less I believe. Just hooked up the ventilation and station last night and should be able to run some cuts sometime this weekend :smiley:. All the credit goes to my old lady. She’s always coming up with crazy new ideas and projects.


When I have money I will buy this machine. I will paint the SAFE logo all over Sofia… :dragon:



Pictures or, you know :wink:

Sounds really cool. You can make all sorts of stuff with these gizmos. All I did was a test piece and help my lady cut some stars for the Xmas tree. The folks at the hackspace made all sorts, little machines, fancy boxes. I’m sure you’ve seen this kind of stuff. Have fun and… pictures please!

Awesome Dimitar. I must show my lady, although as she’s already desperate to paint our boat I may regret this.


a sample coin From the supplier I mentioned – promise to find details later – guests just arrived for BBQ - gotta run


I’d love to see us use 1 troy ounce copper blanks. So the token will always have value and will be never thrown away. At the very worst they will be recycled.


Or it didn’t happen, haha. I’ll take some shots once it’s up and running.


When I get a quote I’ll see about this.