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A collaboration between the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the University of Nevada, Reno Reynolds School of Journalism, the Atlas of Surveillance offers an omnibus look not only at what technologies law enforcement agencies deploy, but where they do it.


There’s gold in them there SAFE Networks!

You just, gots, to go, mine it!


Deep fakes…

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“Probably By Year End” - Alasdair Macleod Warns “The Dollar Is On Its Way To Zero”

because… ~“the gold market is extremely dangerous … at some point soon, they are going to have to deliver physical gold they do not have.”

Also, I always thought gold was a scam… the buyers and sellers take a cut that is just greedy beyond just use as money… almost pyramid in the way it sucks buyers in without an out that is costly… overall on average… obviously there are exceptions that get lucky - inflicting the loss on the whole… but that is not good money.


The US is failing in all the ways…


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a significant increase of ants in images related to blockchain articles lately.

I swear I am not imagining it!!



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a few days back there were flying ants everywhere in London
had me wondering again about how tasks like search can be distributed… because a small fraction of the task doesn’t answer the whole question … complexity can arise from simple elements but breaking down something complex into something simple, not so obvious.


It would be so super fun if @maidsafe devs had this luxury


or copper or tungsten… coated they all look the same… but can you eat them?.. the winners are the dealers - others are just funding them. That’s why they pump it so hard because people are not just buying it.

Even central banks are moving away from gold to digital coinage… Bank of England too. Likely they know the gold market cannot be relied on even if it is physical… probably nation states that did the original fraud… it’s not a market for individual investors.


Random thought, could SAFENetwork play a big part in the new economy.

The west is mostly an information and data economy, we don’t do manufacturing.
It’s becoming clear that jobs that deal with information don’t really need business premises any more.

There are currently worries that workers if they remain working from home will have a knock on effect and cause that “polo mint” recessions.

But! With a data farm at home, we could be looking at universal basic income through the back door.

Of course, people who are creators, actually put effort in and make things of value will be able to ask for more money - but they will need somewhere to store their data.
Here comes Joe Blogs, content with his lot, isn’t chasing riches but is happy to take part in the data economy by maintaining part of the infrastructure to gently row his boat down the stream.

SAFENetwork is really being completed at the right time.


Visible now from SW England - amazing sight.

Comet Neowise. A once in a lifetime sight, go look now in the N/W sky, not far above the horizon. Never seen anything like it!!!


Which is one of the reasons I am working on a solution (i hope) to make physical gold and silver buying and selling easier and more transparent for all. I would not go as far as you have stated calling it a scam, it is not a scam, it is just a pain in the ass to get into and out of while profiting or at least not losing money especially in the short term, but yes you are right there are very high premiums sometimes by the dealers for arty type coins.
However you do not have to buy these.
Personally I only every buy the lowest premium bars and coins as I am not interested in anything other than the metal itself, bullion is after-all bullion regardless of the art and I always advise others to do the same.
You see back in the day buying a specific type of coin such as the American Gold Eagle with: Authorizing Legislation: Public Law 99-185 was a way to know you were probably not being scammed because it was harder to forge and it came with government backing and hence punishment should you forge it, nowadays anyone with time and just a few resources can fake any coin. This also has to do with American retirement approved coins for the purpose of self funded retirement savings aka IRA.
So if you are buying these yes absolutely you are paying a premium. At current time 1oz USD gold is $1804.90 and 1oz gold eagle from moneymetals dot com is going for $1928.15 plus insurance and freight. Right there is at least $123.25 difference just because its a gold eagle. Pfft~ you can buy a standard 1oz bar from JM Bullion for $1861.68 or many other forums and places online for even less, stick that bit of gold in a hole in your back yard for retirement and well there you go.

What I am doing is developing a physical gold and silver bullion marketplace. Think of it like eBay but for gold and silver so that you can buy, sell or trade with other regular people all over the world. I want to bring gold and silver back to the people, especially younger people. I don’t necessarily think exchanges and dealers are bad, they’re just trying to make a profit in pretty tight markets but as you rightly said it can be costly to get out and sell your physical goods and come out on top because the way that ALL of the worlds businesses that deal in gold and silver sales will ALWAYS buy for less than they sell on the same day, its the PAWN broker style way of operating. That’s just how they make their money and I hope to kind of give some of that power back to the people. I you and I can trade our bullion with one another we don’t need the dealers and exchanges necessarily and I am not trying to kill their business model all I am doing is trying to add to the ecosystem something that is needed.
I hope you will use it when it is ready.


They always have but yes they have all increased their purchases. You could almost call it a Gold War haha get it, Gold War… :rofl: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: :grimacing:


Anyone else see this?

Some day soon, we will see David and the maidesafe team in Time.
I predicted it a while back.


Interesting critique of decentralisation. Someone should tell this writer about SAFE Network.