What’s up today?

So instead of mining crypto, this is ‘mining’ an ex crypto exchange CEO.


Sadly it was he who mined his clients


I bet they would have got away with it in the US or UK…

Cos we should never interfere with the market, eh “freedom” freaks…?

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I think that’s what he said and then ran away with it all. But my opinion on it is not based on much. So I was wondering if others think he faked it to take off with the cash.


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Anyone used Framework 7?

It looks interesting and they just added support for Svelte! Target mobile and desktop using your favourite framework plus just HTML/CSS/JavaScript:

Latest Monero release has something called RPC-Pay which seems to be a way to incentivize more public full nodes by enabling clients to “pay” with mining hashes. Sounds like it should be good for mining decentralization if it takes off. I wonder if there’s any lessons here for SAFE distributed computing…



Has anyone played with airpipe? Looks interesting, might be a nice side project to have this use SAFE.


That’s a neat command. I’ve not read how resolution works, but it would be great if safenet could provide a mechanism to do it .

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The code is very simple, two files of about 20-30 lines. It uses another decentralised project to make the connection, so it would be a nice little project to replace that part with SAFE.


Coronation Chicken was created to celebrate the coronation of QE2… I propose a new dish to mark UKs leaving today… “Chlorinated Chicken”. Cheers Boris.

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So is the UK actually going to leave the EU today?

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Yes, but there is now a transition period so most things are as usual today.

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Visualisation Lab creeps towards usefulness…

  • load data from web
  • load data from local file
  • load built in test using RDF
  • load built in test using JSON

Demo: https://visualisation-lab.zeit-now6.now.sh/
Code: https://github.com/theWebalyst/visualisation-lab



Summary copied from hacker news

  • EARN IT creates a committee that is set out to define “best practices” for preventing child sex abuse.

  • Companies that don’t adhere to these best practices lose liability protections for user-generated content.

  • The attorney general can unilaterally edit these best practices as he sees fit.

  • The current attorney general has repeatedly made statements that he wishes to eliminate the ability for companies to offer end-to-end encryption - he wants all communications to be vulnerable to wiretapping.

This effectively gives the attorney general the power to compel tech companies to do whatever he wants (so long as he can argue that it’s preventing sex abuse) by threatening to revoke section 230 protections, and it’s likely that this would be used to revoke protections from companies that offer end to end encryption.


I understand from Twitter (I know) that it doesn’t require users to not use encryption, only the service providers.