What’s up today?

Nah, I’m too shy.
But I’ll tell you in the pub…

Its your round BTW

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Is he

  • Alive and kicking.
  • Take off your tinfoil hat.

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Where is the I want Candy option. I have no opinion on the matter


So instead of mining crypto, this is ‘mining’ an ex crypto exchange CEO.


Sadly it was he who mined his clients


I bet they would have got away with it in the US or UK…

Cos we should never interfere with the market, eh “freedom” freaks…?

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I think that’s what he said and then ran away with it all. But my opinion on it is not based on much. So I was wondering if others think he faked it to take off with the cash.


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Anyone used Framework 7?

It looks interesting and they just added support for Svelte! Target mobile and desktop using your favourite framework plus just HTML/CSS/JavaScript:

Latest Monero release has something called RPC-Pay which seems to be a way to incentivize more public full nodes by enabling clients to “pay” with mining hashes. Sounds like it should be good for mining decentralization if it takes off. I wonder if there’s any lessons here for SAFE distributed computing…



Has anyone played with airpipe? Looks interesting, might be a nice side project to have this use SAFE.


That’s a neat command. I’ve not read how resolution works, but it would be great if safenet could provide a mechanism to do it .

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The code is very simple, two files of about 20-30 lines. It uses another decentralised project to make the connection, so it would be a nice little project to replace that part with SAFE.


Coronation Chicken was created to celebrate the coronation of QE2… I propose a new dish to mark UKs leaving today… “Chlorinated Chicken”. Cheers Boris.

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So is the UK actually going to leave the EU today?

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Yes, but there is now a transition period so most things are as usual today.

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