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We have to turn this on it’s head.


Musk… Making the future feel like the future.

Musk has already tweeted on the network.

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No. People can also still write Indie browsers it’s just that those browser’s won’t be able to access sites like Netflix, Hulu and HBO. Some users thus this wouldn’t use those browsers. I think it’s more common to access those sites with DRM via apps than a browser though, so I am not sure how big of a problem this actually is in reality.

If Netflix wants to be on SAFE and SAFE doesn’t support DRM, that doesn’t mean that the SAFE browser should implement DRM.

For better or for worse I expect there will eventually be a kind of pirate Netflix on SAFE with every single movie and TV series. To make searching fast that app can bundle a full database of movies and TV series, even imdb is small enough to bundle and download together with an app. Next there would be some kind of user voting for whether certain SAFE URLs correspond to certain movies. If someone uploads a movie they’d vote that that movie was at the URL they just uploaded something and if other users agree it will show up when people search.

Once this appears, it will be a shitstorm like when torrents first got popular, except now they won’t have any way to block it or go after users and unlike torrents it can be easy and safe to use even for computer illiterate users. I expect this may force the movie industry to rethink the current hostile policies of country blocking, DRM, movies that you made available offline in Netflix suddenly having been deleted because of licensing restrictions when you’re in the plane about to watch it and so on. If the pirate solution is much more convenient and easier to use then many may ask themselves why pay when you get a much superior product for free? Sure there’s the whole ethical dimension, but there’s lots of people who doesn’t have enough sympathy with the movie industry to pay just to be nice.


Artists should receive compensation for their work. Some mechanism will eventually have to be used to pay actors, directors and the like. The alternative is for the viewing public to accept mediocre performances from less-than-professional actors because pros aren’t going to work for free.


Bitcoin or maybe an even better currency that hasn’t been released yet🤔


I, for one, welcome our future zombie overlords

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They used a generic algorithm to design the organisms and then made them out of organic material:

They started to do so by using a supercomputer to create thousands of possible designs for the new life-forms. It did so through a virtual version of evolution, with scientists setting the computer a task and it calculating what design might work best.

If it was asked to create a being that moved in a certain direction, for instance, it would try out hundreds of different possible ways to combine simulated cells into different shapes that would allow the life-form to do so. It worked using rules about what the simple cells that would serve as the materials could do, and at the end gave scientists theoretical designs for the life-forms.

The second part of the research then saw a microsurgeon and other researchers turn those designs into real life. They took stem cells from the embryos of African frogs, incubated them, and then used incredibly tiny tools to cut them apart and assemble them into the design that the computer had created.


But anything alive is unpredictable, and quoting Jurassic Park, “life finds a way”.

We will end up effing up our biosphere in ways we can’t foresee.


More on the above here:

And code:

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Hallelujah, yes please.


That’s a good reason to completely boycott Apple, right there.


Its complete madness that I have a drawer full of charging cables. It takes us humans time to figure out how dumb we can be.


My android and my dell laptop is USB-C charger, so is my mac.
Common charger… accidentally brought about.

edit… so is my raspberry pi.


You have a significantly more organized charging life than I do then! I’d think you are in the very small minority… but perhaps I should start shopping based on charging ports :grin:

P.S. @Zoki is your bot still alive after polo?


Ah - I see it’s broken.
I need to automate available currency pairs.
It can’t detect MAID/BTC so has gone on strike.
I’ll see what I can do in my spare time this week.


I’m also going to have to write an extention so bitbot talks to chainrift.

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