What’s up today?

Maybe less Sudafed from the UK next time.
Also another example to watch out what you post online.
Edit: take such armchair theories as from the Tweeter below with a grain of salt of course.


I don´t get it… people get sick.


And sudafed no longer has the drug that could be extracted. Its now weak arse PE stuff

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I reckon the main take-away from pictures like this one is “Watch out what you post online!” Selfies are usually not just _self_ies.

One nasty aspect of the surveillance society is that you don’t even have to make the mistake of recording sensitive stuff yourself. The state does it for you, with no way to avoid it. This is also highly relevant to the perpetual nature of the Safe Network. I do, nonetheless, support SAFE, but discussions about this are hardly for this topic.

Of course, @hamarana, people get sick, so no biggie really, unless the drugs were illegal, and especially if the user had previously condemned their use. In this sense, I think, US presidents, from Kennedy to Obama, smoking (and in Clinton’s case more than that) Cuban cigars while keeping sanctions in place is much worse.

Salt grains should, of course, always be taken. What I myself posted above about the president of Finland was not necessarily an accurate description of what was said, but rather satire.

The world is a crazy place and it’s not always easy to know what’s satire and what’s more actual craziness. Now the difficulty of making this destinction is often abused. All too often outrageous statements are later taken back by saying they were “just jokes”.


Want some joy? Here you go, just follow the instructions:


McAfee DEX in Beta… could this really be a completely decentralized crypto exchange?

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Interesting @anon78865233. Serious and unnervingly funny because the Z80 was my first target processor. I designed and built a disk interface/OS for it in assembly language (initially hand coded) when I was learning about computers.

So my skills may be revived for the apocalypse!

Collapse OS, or should that be Brexit?



Quite frankly I’m fed up of brexit. (As much as the next person). Thing is I voted remain, now I’m all for out! Enough is enough.


This is an interesting change of heart. I don’t follow the drama very closely, but I was under the impression people usually changed their minds the other way. Maybe I was wrong.

We have so little information in the UK that it is a blur, many are fed up and rightly so. Personally I find it amazing that so many lies can be ignored. It is a disaster and people want it finished, but I fear for the ordinary person, I feel they will again suffer.


I voted remain because Leave did not have a plan… I would still do the same. More autonomy is better, power at a local level always is more agile but also discontinuities are dangerous.

Politics in the UK is about power and wealth, rather than people. If the UK wants Brexit, then I would sell or gift NI to the South; an island of Ireland would thrive - have a referendum on that.

The risk is that Brexit pollutes the General Election… I don’t have enough faith in voting public that they will know to reject the fallacy indulging nonsense that conservatives are spawning. Reason in an environment that is shaken by the financial crisis, seems too be beaten down by reaction and selfish behaviours. Re-enforcing bad politics by reelecting the trouble makers, might just make it worse.

Politics is supposed to be stale stable and boring!.. too much of the circus atm.

Clowns rule badly.


As an Englishman living in NI, I would say this is a typical but poorly judged response. There are more unionists here than republicans and they like to wave a flag or two to prove it.

I am sure one day there will be a referrendum on a united Ireland, but those in the south have little appetite for subsidising the north in the same way that the UK does. Most just don’t really want violence here again. Gifting the north to the south in no way guarantees that - did I mention the union flag waving? As they say, it’s complicated.


I met few Irish guys living in NI and they said, that if there will be chance for united Ireland, they will take that chance, but Today they have to wait… It was before brexit and Scottish referendum, so I think that they still dream about one island = one country and are ready to do some action.

btw. One of the most strange thing in UK for foreigners is that you can pay with Bank of Ireland notes even in England. :slightly_smiling_face:


Unionist flag waving sponsored by… a few loud voices do dominate but those will have less effect over time and hopefully good sense will out.

People are more important than power and wealth… but try telling UK Inc with its head stuck in the past.

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It isn’t just a few loud voices that you have to consider though - there are fewer people that are willing to pay for a united Ireland than not. Even those who believe in the idea are statistically unwilling to pay for it. It is complex and the solution of gifting NI is not a realistic or simple solution.

Moreover, all sides are playing games to maximise their hand, not just the UK gov. Everyone is claiming that the other side it preventing this or causing that. They are using the media, fear of economic or violent suffering, etc.

With or without brexit, hard or soft, the world will move on just fine. Some doors will close, others will open.

I did some digging about what had been polled for the last few years/decades. Interesting reading, especially about paying for it:

You have to consider that the perspective from those in the north vs the south is quite different too. The north gets free health care in the NHS, various subsidies from the rest of the UK etc. If NI votes for reunification, both the north and the south would take a big hit in standards of living.

Ofc, it isn’t all about the economic questions, much like brexit isn’t, but they are hard for people to ignore.

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Is this not a risk for the future of Safenet?:

UK is about to force open source (crypto related) non-custodial developers of into AML

Page 35, point 46:

However, firms should note that 5AMLD will be transposed into UK law by 10 January 2020 to introduce AML requirements to certain cryptoasset activities. The Government has announced that in the UK they will go beyond the scope of 5AMLD which proposes to extend AML/CTF regulation to entities carrying out the following activities:

• exchange services between one cryptoasset and another, or services allowing value transactions within one cryptoasset exchange or peer-to-peer exchange service provider

• cryptoasset Automated Teller Machines • transfer of cryptoassets (In this context of cryptoassets, transfer means to conduct a transaction on behalf of another natural or legal person that moves a cryptoasset from one cryptoasset address or account to another)

• issuance of new cryptoassets, for example through ICOs

• the publication of open-source software (which includes, but is not limited to, noncustodian wallet software and other types of cryptoasset related software)

SAFEnetwork is not a 3rd party (noncustodian) wallet or related asset system. It is also not a cryptoasset system either. safecoin is a token for buying resources, rather like game tokens.

Yes an exchange can facilitate the buying and selling of the “coins” but that is for the exchanges to follow the law for themselves.

None of the other examples seem to fit the safe network either.

In any case this is anti money laundering laws registration and the safe network does not provide exchange services. It is only working with its token for purchasing resources. As such there is not the avenue for being a money laundering services. It is the exchanges that would facilitate any chance of money laundering using safecoin. Are we going to make the postal service register since money laundering can be done via the post shipping dirty money around the world?

But even if they have to register with AML then what effect do you think it could have? There are no customers for Maidsafe to submit to the government, no books they can show, no cash in or out to show (thats what the exchanges do). I am interested as if they need to register then what are the issues?