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I see the following Rust project trending on Github. Could be interesting to some:

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We’ve released an update to the SAFE Browser:

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Great job! (20 char)


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Quite a threat. Makes you wonder… what is the reason.

1). Trade war? They are legitimate afraid of the apple empire falling an nothing else? This to me feels most probably the reason, I have a Huawei product… love it.
2) Huawei is legitimate intelligence threat, they will listen to all Comms? (On SAFENet launch this would be irrelevant)
3) consumers using their right to buy cheapest and better goods is removing “backed door” equipment that the US listens to?

So… which is it? Which one of the above has spooked the US?

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Interesting from Solid forum:

Particularly this:

In the specific case of sharing private information, it is about a person having ‘the Hohfeldian power’ to grant or decline someone else ‘the Hohfeldian Right’ of use of this persons data. When granted, all the others have “the Hohfeldian duty” to respect this right. An ontology for approval management should reflect this. Actually, I believe that Hohfeld’s concepts could be the base of a global jural infrastructure, including digitalized universal powers, rights and duties of mankind, nature, machines & API’s. Protection of privacy for civilians or freedom of speech, nature’s own proprietary rights, the trading of equity and assets between machines… Well, let’s end this quickly here before I derail the topic too much :stuck_out_tongue:




Hope this gets the go ahead!


Is this the collab with university and Scotland that MaidSafe was referring to earlier for further funding to the SAFE Network? If so certainly looking forward to results, I wonder… I should not say it …, but what the timeline on these applications are before approval/rejection :laughing: ? Because I have literally no idea if its weeks/months or wat.


This is all about squashing superior competition. The fact is, I’d rather have a Chinese network than a US created one (nicely back-doored to US intelligence agencies).

I can’t see the Chinese as having any particular reason to worry about my communications and even less reason to do anything about it. Now, the US and its war-mongering anti-freedom deep state is another matter entirely!

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@Dimitar Is. Awesome.

And now you can watch him in action!



Maybe the right way to think about these high-density connections isn’t as means for uninterrupted communication. Hardly ever will we need such high bandwidth continuously and the rare times when we would are likely to coincide with the times when we wouldn’t want to move around much anyway (that 4K 3D VR experience is best/safest enjoyed while sitting still with a coffee, right?)

We’ll still have our stable connections at the longer “classic” wavelengths like today and, just like we can carry around a bottle of water and fill it up at a fountain occasionally, our devices will similarly grab a half second of 5G awesomeness to get the next 5-10 minutes of data whenever they catch a glimpse of those mm or shorter waves.

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Facebook is a private platform with all the right to decide who it does or does not give a voice. I welcome this particular decision as those people used their popularity to spread misinformation and hatred.

At the same time, if we had (purely theoretically :wink: ) a platform where such misinformation not only could not but also would not need to be silenced by some arbitrary authority because every piece of information could be followed back to a primary source (such as an eyewitness) through a trusted chain of real-life relationships (Solid?), I admit that would be a much better solution.

“Be as Good as Your Word” is a pop song featuring young Chinese celebrities who sing about the importance of being ‘trustworthy.’ The new music video is part of a bigger initiative propagating China’s Social Credit System among the younger generation.



Eeek. Charlie Brooker must be having a hell of a job keeping his dystopian satire ahead of reality :grimacing: