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The Ark may or may not be useful in itself, but I think it could be a seed for something that will be.


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Good Find there

That is rather like the C.H.I.P.'s game style complete computer except it had a full keyboard and case. It was like 69$ US and did not need the microSD.

I used it to run a vault in one of the testnets when we could run vaults.

Oh and it was open source too.

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Rust used for Eve online. Never played that game (I think it needs a lot of time), but I like the stories about it, e.g. here and there.

Aka. “XOR distance”.

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Beta coming. I wonder if it will be censorship free?

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Facebook to Fight Belgian Ban on Tracking Users (and Even Non-Users)


Scary stuff.


Shout out to our man @oetyng!


They work with a “normative range” and worry if stuff goes outside:

If it’s staying within a normative range then as long as there are no business rules that are broken, likely we don’t have a problem. If their activity dramatically increases there is likely stress. But there are a lot of ways to measure activity. If it significantly decreases, it’s likely that there is some external controlling factor on that.

The problem is, how will they keep the false positives down without introducing false negatives? They work with so many parameters that they can’t avoid the curse of dimensionality. No matter how they define their normative range, most data points will be outside it.


“The goal is not just to detect employees who have betrayed their trust, but to predict which ones might …” just like that film Minority Report!


In the case of corporate and company secrets it will be a case of AI replacing the managers so there will be no managers with corporate secrets to watch. Only the top managers and they would be excluded from being watched anyhow. :wink:

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In French - ISPs ordered by Paris court to block access to SciHub for a year.


Skimmed, but I fear the value only == money crowd. I cannot see any sci-fi stuff where cash is visible in the future and I am not convinced we will always need money. A lot of the post individual points I can agree with and see it as probably correct. I am also not of the belief of only one winner as I believe many algorithms/protocols seem to win only to be replaced by older ideas, reworked, never mind newer better ideas (i.e aggregated EC signatures even right now, or quic over tcp etc.). You can see this in math and particularly cryptography which features highly in crypto currencies (currencies alone). There is never a claim of one algorithm to rule them all. I think it is dangerous to think that and instead take a view of what currently seems to lead the pack, but always understand evolution does not stop and neither does innovation.

A big area right now, capitalism or communism/socialism or in AI, stochastic gradient descent verses neuroevolution, even in small areas like roulette selection and so on (relu and so on) shows that when you pick the winner is important and very dynamic. To win, the race needs to be over, I don’t see many races completed so far, neither politically or technically and therefore selecting a winner during a race is likely to lead to a gamble as opposed to a factual statement.


It’s been three days, but:

Sounds pretty radical. And this:

Under the new policy, anyone searching for racist content or phrases like “Heil Hitler” will be directed to the Life After Hate organization which provides services for former white supremacists and extremists like educational resources, support groups, and crisis intervention.

It’s pretty funny at first glance, but also daft when you think about it. The white whatever folks will just move elsewhere. All that FB does is wash their hands after dumping a smoking ember.

Why would it be Facebook’s responsibility to stop those “elsewhere” places from accommodating the white supremacist scum?

They are taking a step towards stopping them on their platform and that, whatever the reason behind it, is a welcome change. Yes, they should’ve taken action earlier so that they wouldn’t have been part of the problem to this extent. But still, taking themselves out of the game, even if this late, is a positive development.

I don’t know and I have absolutely no idea how you came to the conclusion I suggested anything of the sort.

The truth is, having them around Facebook means Facebook can at least keep them under their endearing surveillance, monitor them and possibly report them to authorities.

If they move under the radar, it will help them.