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Is It possible to create DEX on safenetwork?


I hope so.

For Safe based tokens, it should be quite easy.

Ideally a method will be developed to ‘lock up’ blockchain tokens / assets into proxy tokens on the Safe network, which could then be traded & withdrawn by whoever the owner is when required.

Creating & running ‘gateway nodes’ that enable this secure interchange between Blockchain’s & Safe based tokens would likely be a challenge. It would need to be flawless, but it would be very worthwhile if achieved.

I’m sure there’s been some chat about this, but I can’t find it from a quick search… perhaps a new topic would help if you want to discuss it more, as I guess this isn’t the right place?

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@nicklambert with Cryptopia potentially dropping off the scene, maybe you could approach tradesatoshi.com to see if you can list SAFE on it. They require a 1BTC request fee and is refunded if listing is rejected. They have other omni token coins and heard decent reports about them over the last year on another forum.


And supposedly based in the UK


@nicklambert we could consider also Blocknet as a valid option for listing Maid on its Dex called BlockDx.

Blocknet is a protocol that aims to accomplish blockchain’s interoperability. It’s called “the internet of blockchains” cause lets different blockchains communicate, interact and exchange one with another. It’s a healthy, not shilled and serious project and BlockDx is fully decentralised (not as others which just claim to be so).

Plus, listing on BlockDx is free. Just add a line of code and that’s it. Simple and free. I think it could be a valid option for Maid in order to get rid of shitty centralised exchanges.
Many coins and tokens are already listed, hope to find Maid too.
I hope you find it interesting: https://blocknet.co
• For getting listed on Blockdx here’s the link:
get listed onBlockDx


Interesting collection about how ants do what they do, with links to the original papers, including some from the writer herself who is also a researcher.

Fresh ideas for SAFE stuff that’s not yet finalized maybe?


Why is nobody trading on Openledger? Is something wrong there? Because we can add other dex exchanges, but I’m afraid it will suffer the same fate as Openledger, unless there is something fundamentally different on these new exchanges


As @nevel mentioned we have a small number of sell orders of openledger (admittedly these were not well maintained and I expect is part of the reason the orders were not taken up) which I have adjusted today in line with current market pricing. There is only a few hundred MAID on there, but if you guys want to use this DEx then you can let me know in this thread and I’ll put more MAID on there.

I would rather make sure there is sufficient trading demand for listing MAID on a DEx generally before adding another, I hope that makes sense.


Thanks Rob. We’ve been more focussed on adding bigger exchanges (increased awareness and liquidity) this past couple months, which, combined with the existing changes, and along with openledger, we’ll hopefully be providing sufficient options for those trading MAID.


when can we expect any news regarding new exchanges? Thought this was worked on for many months during 2018 with small success tbh.

We don’t have dates at the moment, some exchanges give plenty of notice and others have a policy of only letting you know when the actual listing has happened to avoid market manipulation. As soon as we can tell you we will.


Ok thanks for the answer @nicklambert


Interesting for sure. Memory intrigues me as I am not sure we do always remember. I feel we sort of work out what was the most likely thing that happened based on previously fired routes between neurons. Similar to how we can be tricked by optical illusions, our brain might fill in what it thinks is going to happen in the very near future and similarly supposes what did happen in the past. So a big probability machine :smiley: where the most likely thing to happen or has happened is what our brain makes up. Then using inference we see if it was right for things about to happen (is that a bird or a plane?) and in the case of memories perhaps just saying this is the most probable thing that did happen. It would explain the ability to make false memories a wee bit better. It also means we don’t store terabytes of mini home movies in our head :smiley: :smiley:

So yea very interesting indeed.


Very well put David. This fits my personal experience and explanation very well indeed. I also think there is a good deal of variation between humans in both function and interpretation, and differences in these areas can relate to qualities and abilities such as focus, persistence, creativity, learning ability and preferences, and mental health. Just random examples there.


I liked that part about red wood ants, where the young one goes with the old one to learn its path before the old one would die. That made me wonder if something analogous to that could be used to hand over responsibilities within a group or section before a node moves on to another. Probably not, but maybe those who understand the mechanisms more can get some ideas.


As we are getting closer to alpha Fleming the importance to reach more high volume exchanges increases. From experience a project that lost cryptopia as the main exchange and only had tradesatoshi, that project is almost dead, instead of 1-2 btc in trade volume they dropped to 0-300$ volume/day and the price did a negative 10-30x.

Hope that we can focus on large trade volume exchanges and that Bitrex international eco-system or similar can be achieved.

I dont use any dex presently. And know little about them.
Some were discussed in the pdc thread that led me to believe some contracts are not so safe, allowing the contract maker to possibly withdraw the tokens.
Is ether delta contract safe to use with that in mind, who controls the contract?
And is it an issue that the sec are involved with them, possibly.



Imagine if we would lose Poloniex than…