What’s up today? (Part 2)

So do they now inject their own CEO?
Nothing is what I thought it would be, maaybe bitcoin is.

What we need is a network where people can build anonymously and outside of the reach of traditional players or every effort to exclude them will result in failure.

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Long one, but there is no such thing as 2 things that exist in time and space that are equal


A little concerning seeing as how the word platform can cover a lot of bases.

“. . . founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao pleaded guilty to a felony related to his failure to prevent money laundering on the platform.”

“Also plat·form busi·ness mod·el . a business model that facilitates financial, social, collaborative, or other connections between large networks of producers and consumers, typically through digital technology infrastructure:Rather than providing a product or service to a consumer, as a producer would, the value contribution of a platform is the strength and scale of its network.”

“Now discuss why they can remember what it looks like and if it’s really gone what bit of it got in our head ? and if it looked at us, is a bit of us in it’s head ?”

I’m about half way through and can’t get this bird out of my head and I didn’t even see it :woozy_face:

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2 SNT :laughing:


this just in … ? lol …anyone else having trouble following this?

I suppose MSFT wasn’t happy with him being ousted and wanted some means of keeping him (which I thought meant he was going to work for MSFT), but now after further discussions? They are now backing him to be CEO again.

I have no idea. :man_shrugging: This is like an old 80’s soap opera.

:rofl: people will be writing PhDs about this. It’s as if ChatGPT just made all these stories up in its coffee break.

I am getting the impression that he (they) were up to something mischievous that caused the current situation.

Is anyone else getting a whiff of that?


Cock up > conspiracy.

Then again, maybe they have been eating their own dog food.


In the realm of AI’s grand design,
Sam Altman’s journey, a tale entwined.
From OpenAI’s helm, a sudden fall,
To Microsoft’s embrace, he answered the call.

A brief sojourn, a pause to reflect,
On dreams deferred, on paths to select.
Then, like a phoenix rising from the fire,
Sam’s return to OpenAI, a beacon to inspire.

The wheels of fate, in their enigmatic spin,
Bade Sam Altman’s leadership to begin.
With newfound vision, his spirit ablaze,
He guides OpenAI through innovation’s maze.

These are the days of Sam Altman’s life.
His weekly mission to bring lols, ire, & strife.

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Politics should be boring and stable…

Yet they keep channelling the stupid.

The consequences of one thought fits all rulez badly. Big thud and blunder…

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preev.com has reappeared after taking some time out - domain issues perhaps?

In its absence I had switched to using preev.net

preev.net shows a more granular price but must be updated manually whereas preev.com quotes a price to within £10 - or euro, dollar etc and updates automatically.

Not everything is going backwards in the cryptosphere…

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I expect that this sort of thing is going to keep happening. The oligarchy is afraid of people slipping out of their fiat noose.

A look at OpenAI’s ‘breakthrough’.


Come, it’s ok, you can return to the UAE provided you return here 2 weeks prior to sentencing.

Just kidding, fooled ya.

He came voluntarily, paid 175 million bond and 4.3 billion in settlement.

Honesty and integrity, man of your word… ahh all those forgotten values.

That poem is a good example - as if another were needed - of LLMs being good at some tasks and crap at others.

Everything technically rhymes, but the meter, pulse and feel of the vowel movements is jarring, even unsettling. I find that when I read it my brain struggles to accept that it is rhyming even…

I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of school classes filled with 10-year olds have at least one kid who can write flowing things that are just in a different category than this mush