What’s up today? (Part 2)

This month, two Dutch companies will launch 4GB+ up/down internet :partying_face:

On the SAFE Network " :poop: world countries" are those who hold on to MB up/down internet speed.


Here’s an interesting book to add to your list:

The fediverse is going supernova. :milky_way:

About a third of the web is WordPress which recently got support for ActivityPub (through a plug-in) which is what connects Mastodon friendica and countless other federated YouTube, Reddit etc lookalike apps together.

And now all WordPress sites on WordPress.com can be followed from Mastodon or any similar fedi app with a click.

Twitter is I believe already a ****hole, financially unsustainable, and falling behind technically as much of the web becomes federated, and in time I hope truly server free peer-to-peer.



ActivityPub is so great.

Also really been loving bsky recently, once you get past the initial low-signal period and get following some folk.

It’s a breath of fresh air over the cesspool that twitter has become.

@jii.im is my handle if anyone wants to follow. I’ve no invites yet though I’m afriad.


I’ve not tried Bluesky because it appears to be yet another VC play, too similar to the Twitter and Medium (and Substack etc) playbooks. Lucky for you you have to try them all I guess! :man_facepalming: :rofl:

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Anyone looked at OCapN?

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I’ve added me to the official Bluesky waitlist a couple of months ago. Still no invite received.


The AT Protocol seems like a great step forward though.

I’m curious as to what makes you think that?

Saving data on the bitcoin blockchain? Seems like it might be better to do this kind of thing elsewhere. I will have a think where that might be…


Comments I see about it. I think talk of introducing ads was one, seeking VC investment, reliance on servers etc but I haven’t dug into anything.

It seems to be closer to Twitter 2 than as it was portrayed when the team was set up.

Is this (blind signatures) relevant, same, similar, different to what SN is using?

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Maybe I haven’t dug deep enough, but it appears to me that bsky is a sort of concept/reference app running on top of the AT Protocol, which is a federated service. You can choose to have bsky host your content, use another service, or host yourself. And content and IDs are portable between.

Seems a great step i the right direction, and not very twitter/medium like… unless I’m missing something.

If they go on to include ads etc, I’ll hop on over to another app, and take it all with me (or that’s the intention / idea)

Also: plus points that the hired Paul Frazee (of beaker, DAT protocol etc) to build it.


I am listening to an interview of the author, and the guy is clearly a conspiracy theorist crackpot who grasps very little of anything and went out there as a layperson “researching” subjects of which he has no understanding how to put them into context.
Three minute in and half of the things he is saying are things he took completely out of context or are strawman arguments, and whenever the evidence is confusing he applies the “they must be out there to get you” stance. If that is your default state, you need therapy.

By the way, I am quite familiar with PsyOPs I have read the original training material from declassified sources in the military, when I was into that, and my major was in psych. Trust me, I am pretty good at finding primary sources.
But it is insane to see psyop in every corner, that’s the hallmark of apophenia and confirmation bias at work, you will see it everywhere if you want to see it there.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that the political and social conspiracies are real.

I also know very well the subjects of the basic sciences, and it is one of the only things we can independently test and verify, and I use that as a bullshit sensor. And he fails miserably, unfortunately. He lacks of the nuanced understanding that comes with expertise.
He plays everything “by ear” and then goes on without much real rigor crossreferencing his factoids.

And, wtf, then he goes off to talking about “wondering why pedophilia is so prevalent” and concludes that satanists are doing it to open portals and increasing their powers, and then he links them to vaccines. And we are in a temporal war with souls that want to reincarnate?
Okay. Sure? lol

Well, I fail to see the relevance of this book with the things I mentioned regarding the industrial revolution, the abuses of the nascent industries and the great depression.

Edit: I managed to get the book and skimmed through it. He did a marvelous job mixing historical facts, real intelligence/military psyops with false flags ops, and then pushing the narrative further interweaving them with speculation, citations from unreliable sources, and taking events out of context. The worst kind of lies are the ones that are mixed with the truth.
He isn’t following his own suggestion of not falling into confirmation bias lol

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A very interesting read on the e OS for android phones and how it has many privacy and security flaws.



Nope. Military conflicts are only a small part of it.

Certainly … but I’m only reading and responding to the shallow views you appear to be posting.

This needs to be a new thread if you really want to dig into it, I won’t say anymore in this one and I’m not really that interested in the convo anyway as I don’t believe you will really listen. But if you really want it, start a new thread and we will take any points you want to make one at a time in the utmost detail.


I recall advocacy and discussion for “Object Capabilities” in preference to the simpler but much less useful, some would say flawed, use of Access Control Lists in providing control over who can do what to what data on Safe Network.

I though there was a dedicated thread and that @joshuef or @bochaco had looked in detail and come up with a method of implementing Object Capabilities in SN. However I can’t find either searching for “Object Capabilities” here or on the dev forum.

So I probably imagined that! Or not. Can anyone confirm or even find where an OC implementation was discussed?

I have found some relevant discussion but not the detailed stuff I recall, the output of an investigation by someone of how it might be done.


Can you give a couple of examples of the claimed advantages of Object Capabilities over ACLs wrt SAFE?