What’s up today? (Part 1)

Grafana is a customisable dashboard app that could pull data from any source (e.g. local vault logs or SAFE data structures) to make stylish, queriable, customisable dashboards.

Looks very nice.

The Grafana project was started by Torkel Ödegaard in 2014 and has the last couple of years become one of the most popular open source projects on GitHub. It allows you to query, visualize and alert on metrics and logs no matter where they are stored.

Grafana has pluggable data source model and comes bundled with rich support for many of the most popular time series databases like Graphite, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, OpenTSDB and InfluxDB. It also has built-in support for cloud monitoring vendors like Google Stackdriver, Amazon Cloudwatch, Microsoft Azure and SQL databases like MySQL and Postgres. Grafana is the only tool that can combine data from so many places into a single dashboard

Links: github | demo | website


A bit more on the Wikilambda part of Abstract Wikipedia


Wikilambda is an open repository of code that anyone can use and contribute to.

Every page in Wikilambda represents a function. A function has a description, a list of parameters, test cases, a list of implementations in different programming languages, and further metadata. The implementations can be reused in other software projects (private apps or scripts), be called and executed online (either just in the browser or in a cloud environment or Jupyter or PAWS notebooks), composed to achieve more complex functionality, signed, analyzed or validated, and much more.

Wikilambda is a project in the spirit of Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wiktionary, and others, and it allows contributors from all over the world to create and maintain a library of functions, which can be used by anyone for any purpose. Every function can be supported by multiple implementations in different programming languages, test cases, pre- and postconditions, documentation, metadata in form of runtime estimates and complexity guarantees for the different implementations, etc. Users may call a function directly on the Website, or from their own code or applications, from a command line interface, or a local app. The function may be executed locally in the browser, in the cloud, or locally and embedded within the users application.


This is a great read.


Tioga Capital is a blockchain investment VC just launched in Belgium, Twitter thread explains:


From the website:

Headquartered in Belgium, we provide our investors with exposure to the growing European blockchain ecosystem, with a focus on early-stage opportunities in the infrastructure layer.

Besides their asymmetric risk/return profile, blockchain investments provide a hedge against currency debasement and web 2.0 data monopolies in a well-diversified portfolio.

Our institutional-grade investment vehicle out of Luxembourg enables our investors to gain that exposure in a compliant and secure way


These days the main agenda in decentralized field is “next internet”. And they are realizing the blockchain in not solution. And they are moving to DAG. But, maidsafe already go AT2 and CRDT futher without PARSEC. Only the result(end production)could tell them maidsafe is one of solution for next internet… I am glad to wait it… :slight_smile:


shareon: lightweight, stylish ethical social sharing buttons


So AT2 is the thing today??

We are on board…

5 k projects going… “why didn´t I think of that?”



I can’t wait to read the first article in Wired magazine that says “Cryptocurrency’s oldest project finally launches after fifteen years in the making! (hint; its older than Bitcoin)”


First we had the COVID19, then we had an earthquakes [1][2][3][4], then we had the locust[1][2][3], and now this:

Well, the end of times are here lol


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First 2 store 3d printed casa :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting take on how homomorphic encryption can provide secure and secret voting


More on cbdc.

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