What’s up today? (Part 1)

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More confusion possibly…


From the article:

In the years ahead, trillions of computers running AI will create a new internet-of-things that is thousands of times larger than today’s internet-of-people.

Trillions of computers… with 100 nodes per section that’s at least 10B sections. Section prefix length of 33 bits or more is where we’re heading…? It’d be a big network that’s for sure.



Nice SafeNetwork usecase.

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More confusion possibly…

  March 2000:
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cough no rona thread cough


The guy that is on the peak prosperity YouTube channel covered some of this a long time ago.

I’m not sure the global population can deal with,

  1. The status of “pandemic”, and actions needed to battle this thing.


  1. The knowledge that it was man made.

    I really believe some poor PhD student screwed up decontamination procedures.
    It could have happened in any lab of this type around the planet. This wasn’t intentional.

This virus is real. I know too many people now that have lost someone or have someone in hospital.

Apparently , if true, ppl had been infected in the lab before from faeces, blood spatter or bites.
The US had visited it and said it was a ticking time bomb.

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The natural extension is to challenge that you simple cannot deal with the reality that it was made deliberately - or made use of, once discovered. That the who it affects is too on target; that the what it is, as a cornavirus, is ideal weapon of choice for ensuring propagation worldwide; that the where it was seen to take off from, is ideal for perception manipulation and disguising the true source; that the when relative to the macro problems is exactly the time that some event needed to occur to put the brakes on the fail that is compound growth; the why of those with power liking that they control events, rather than that events ever control them - or risk what they have; the how it affects those who are unhealthy and leaves most unaffected - with likely known preventative like VitD that is very low risk to those in the know and those they want to prefer to protect.

Yeah, this wasn’t intentional. Don’t have nightmares! :ghost:

You should get that cough checked out :laughing:


Ivan is going to look more into decentralized data storage

If you can find anyone to test you that is :joy:

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Worry not… the mandatory vaccine will sort us out! :open_mouth:

Bill Gates just wants what he knows is best for us all… makes no error… and was ahead of the curve, planning for a pandemic months before it occurred… who knew :thinking:


Greater numbers of creators want Alt Tech.

Need for a utility to port data over is mentioned.


except for viewers in Scotland

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Marketing without a product… :roll_eyes:

“Behold the 1,000 HP zero-emission Nikola One semi-truck in motion.”

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A lone voice of reason at the SEC.
Hester once again dissenting. Good on her.

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zkSync is gaining popularity thanks to DeFi projects. To be clear: Hex made an airdrop to 250,000 wallets for a few dollars through the zkSync protocol. This technology will be extremely useful to give free Safe accounts to millions of Ethereum users…