What’s up today? (Part 1)

Does not say the functional network has to be existing. The fact it is being built is enough for that statement. Just like the government sells tokens for the new toll bridge being built - the token are not securities. Or buying apartments in an unbuilt apartment building being built (ie token of the coming apartment) are not securities.

Also other statements by that department has also ruled out maidsafecoin as a security

But I am not a lawyer and the securities department can rule against their own guidelines anyhow, so no statement by them can be used

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The network for this type of chain could definitely exist as miners earn crypto from processing the transactions. Just no long term holding of data, so no large 100gb node to sync.

All very lightweight, efficient and sustainable

That’s more what layer 2 (ie lightning network) is than sharding. In a sharded network, each shard would still keep the whole history for that shard, but the whole history of the network is split across different shards.

As far as pruning goes, I think mimble wimble is highly pruned by design, but forget the specifics of how. See the recently launched Grin network.

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I think there an argument that MaidSafeCoin is a ‘futures contract’ while Safecoin will be a ‘utility token’, but I’m not going to get into a debate about it! So :microphone: :droplet: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Carmack continues to be excited about Rust :smiley:


First SAFE.DataStore C# nuget package released. (Indexed and searchable database on SAFENetwork).

Short video tutorial (14 min) walking through how to create an application using the database.


Would this be a good test for Alpha 3 if it was running when this happened?


Nation states cannot be trusted to preserve free access to data. They are middlemen who need to be cut out. Helpfully, SAFENetwork can continue this process.

How to really block the tech giants…


The people who voted to leave in the referendum either had “a feeling of nostalgia for the past, are racist or are stupid,” Smart said. Regardless, he added he had “no sympathy at all” for them.

Sigh. Would like to read something objective and level-headed about Brexit for a change.


I agree that the Smart guy is not really trying to be objective here, but the Japanese journal makes clear that it is quoting him and have tried to explain his back story, so you can understand his sentiment.

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The Tienditas Bridge “blockade”

Or how to turn an unopened bridge into an international news story to build support for your coup


Tragedy in India:

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Not today’s news, but I came across this last night. Not too much research into DApps market, but this is one of the more comprehensive so far with 160 dev respondents. Key takeaways:

  • The majority of projects surveyed were started in 2018.
  • A quarter of the surveyed projects were gaming DApps.
  • About half of the projects used a centralised cloud backend and centralised tools.
  • New user on-boarding was mentioned by more than three quarters of the respondents as the major obstacle to adoption - no surprises here.

Leave voters were gullible fools who somehow thought that being nasty to their Polish plumber would regain their Empire they lost decades ago.
As clear a signal as you could ever find that the voters of Middle England are ill-informed racist self-centred forelock-tugging tossers. And thats the objective view.
Would you like me to tell you what I really think of them?

Stupid clowns misled by by a bunch of tax-dodging toffs. Symptoms of the utter decay of English society, no wonder most Scots want nothing more to do with them. Happy to eat curry, not so happy to respect the people who gave them their curries - and so much more.

And don’t get me on about Scots! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hope you got that off your chest :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t do to call people idiots for not voting for what you believe in. That’s the opposite of democratic, and it’s not true, either.


Ach go on - you know you want to … :slight_smile:

Naw on second thoughts, don’t. We need you to get on with SAFE Drive - why is there no emoji for cracking a whip?

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