What’s left until vaults from home and Safecoin?

Can anyone give an answer that a child can understand to explain what is left to do to get vaults from home and test Safecoin?


In a nutshell

  1. Secure network membership of nodes (alpha 3)
  2. Allow this network to handle data which requires some changes to existing vault code to integrate that secure network (alpha 4).

We do not know, it is possible to go into beta with test safecoin. When this rush of work clears up (hopefully soon) then it will all be much clearer.



Data republish and network restarts. A security audit of the network. Test safecoin. Real-time network upgrades. Network validated upgrades.


Yes, some of that will be in parallel and during the beta roll-out. Data repub will likely be in alpha 4 though.


That makes it sound so very close. :star_struck:

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Every now and then in life one gets an opportunity for the unimaginable. If it doesn’t work out then all you have lost is money. But the chance to participate in the unimaginable is too great for me to pass up


What is this exactly? What do you mean?

Cool but how is the network not handling data now? I can upload to alpha 2 right now so if the network isn’t handling data where is it going and what is the difference?

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Alpha 2 is handling data but alpha 3 will be a separate network that will be tested concurrently and it’s purpose is to test routing nodes from home to check p2p messaging, splits and merges in the wild, and I think Data Chains as well. So the answer to your first question is in there too, basically routing from home nodes to test messaging, splits and merges, etc. no data is stored on at home vaults in this network or perhaps no vaults at all? Point is no data just messages (how nodes communicate and come to consensus securely).


Since all of the vaults are under MaidSAFE’s control in Alpha 2, the big complication of who to trust can be ignored. All vaults are know to be trustworthy, and therefore able to store data. The difference once this is opened to the public is that the network must be able to stand up to whatever monkey business people decide to throw at it. This is what all of the discussion around node ageing and maintaining secure consensus within each section is about.


This is the sort of thing we need on the roadmap. Even clearer descriptions too, as others have added to the thread. It is only a few paragraphs needed really and it will help a lot of people understand.