What other crypto exchanges do you want to see Maidsafecoin on?


Hey there Mastercoin foundation. 2 months ago you mentioned MAID was going on other exchanges. I see MSC is now listed on bter.

Any updates RE: MAID?

I think BTER will list MAID soon.

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Nice! Any chance you wanna tell us why you ‘think’ so?

Truthfully, I’m better off not looking at exchanges :wink: I’d have to agree though, more coin holders means more end users at launch.

They recently listed mastercoin.

Bleutrade would be good. Get an account here. Check out Bleutrade shares. Pays out coins every 4 hours :slight_smile:

EDIT by @happybeing: disabled affiliate link. I don’t think it is good to post affiliate links, definitely not without saying so.


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OK apologies for not explicitly stating that was an affiliate link. Given the way this stuff works, I’d have thought everyone would have known (or at last guessed) it was an affiliate link . I fail to see what is so evil about affiliate links that they need to be neutered anyway.

Allright minor grump over - With or without affiliate links, Bleutrade remains an interesting and worthwhile exchange that MaidSafeCoin would gain from being listed on. Based in Brazil, Bleutrade is innovative and VERY receptive to customer feedback. It would be a fine plan for a crowd to sign up (my affiliate link will be provideded to anyone who wants to DM me) and then use the chat function to call on the devs to start quoting MaidsafeCoin. If there is the prospect of any kind of volume, they will undoubtedly be interested.
Bleutrade are working hard to increase their user base and volume - they now have >5k active users and innovations like Bleutrade Shares (traded like a coin but pays out a proportion of the total volume traded of each coin to share holders every 4 hrs) will certainly help

Looked at the site. No volume on any of the coins. Why are you interested in them?

FWIW, I’d be too scared to put my hard earned coins on a new, no volume exchange.

Right now there is little volume on most coins anyway, due to the slump in BTC. Alt-coins are being sold to gather BTC in anticipation of its price taking off again.

No-one is suggesting you risk ALL your coins on one exchange just as you don’t put all your resources into one trade.
Bleutrade is a small exchange that is growing fast and is suffering from the same market forces as any other at this particular stage in the cryptomarket. It is innovative in that it trades widely, employs social media well and is building a loyal community and is as good place as any to get wider publicity for MaidsafeCoin.

Right, and I put forward the same argument at the top of this topic but people for some reason want to (basically) destroy the nice liquidity that’s been building up at MasterXchange.

Just came across this:

Binance works by voting… I don’t know how much and if they ask $ …
If you have trouble finding cool exchange … for the moment the hype is around https://www.kucoin.com/
It’s pretty good.

Vertcoin developers said they were asked for 90k USD

Vertcoin comunity is raising donations - Exchange Listing Fund. https://vertcoin.org/donate/
Maybe worth a try with maid as well?

I heard it was nearing $1M on Binance and that’s after you win the community vote.

Makes me shudder. Just goes to show what’s driving the market - it certainly isn’t due diligence and sound judgement lol :wink:

Fiat pair on Bitfinex would be great. I guess terms will be expensive everywhere during this mania though.

They will probably all list SafeCoin for free some time after launch when the whole world wants to use the coins :wink:

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Binance have you suggest a fee, which is an interesting way to play it. Their CEO has published some guidance online: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/binance-listing-tips-changpeng-zhao/.

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Bryan Goodson (@BryanGoodson) tweet:
They asked us (@Vertcoin) for $90k for a listing. Insanity.

I just want direct fiat to maid. I’m having a bit of a challenge getting newbies in and getting their expectations met price to maid ration, need to get the from fiat to bitcoin to maid fast before large market movements.


They will probably all list SafeCoin for free some time after launch

That will be year 2020+ and that is eternity in cryptoworld. Crytomania and number of projects/coins will skyrocket in coming months/years (dont expect conditions for new exchanfe listings to be more loose). Reality is Maid is 56. on coinmarketcap.com and one of the low liquidity coins. The lower it sinks the lower the chance exchanges will list it and harder it will be for anyone to buy maid = slow adoption after launch. Dont get me wrong I like MaidSafe and follow the project development last couple years but your statement is overly optimistic (I wish your prediction is right).

Im just trying to say that more exchange listings & decent wallet is precondition to future success and should be part of Maidsafe marketing.

FIAT/MAID I tried DEX https://changelly.com/ they have option to buy with VISA and they support MAID (but for some reason MAID is not available ath the moment here nor Shapeshift)

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Well the guidance is interesting and encouraging!

They seem to suggest they are after exactly the qualities underpinning MaidSafe, non-hypey professionalism and experience, genuine tech to solve real problems, established and respected etc.

The fee is certainly a factor though. With people forking out between $90K and high 6 figure sums in the last few months you can bet a lot of projects that won’t spend that kind of money will fall down the priority list.

Shame the foundation owns those 15M coins instead of MaidSafe or it would be a no brainer really. Perhaps the foundation should be contributing given it holds so many coins and will benefit most from the coin bump and subsequent interest in SAFE? Really some huge whale like Brock Pierce should be serving his own interests imo and helping push stuff like this. It’s a bit annoying that you guys don’t have a MaidSafeCoin war chest really, but c’est la vie. Hopefully that goes in your favour in the honest and respectable stakes.

FWIW I’ve been using Binance for a few months and they are a fairly decent platform and the customer service was quick and efficient when I needed them. They seem to run a fairly tight ship and it is a good platform to be listed on for sure.