What OS do you use and why?

Ubuntu or any other flavour for personal stuff…
Windows because work requires it.

FreeBSD with zfs for storage, truly free
CentOS for development/business/datacenter
Ubuntu for Desktop, easy to use
MacOS for Main desktop at home to manipulate and organize pdf etc., nice UX
Windows at work, sadly because any alternative is incompatible with the business world.
Edit: SAFE Network vaults on Linux and BSD would be fine (don’t bother with windows I would say). Clients are needed for all OSes.

Arch Linux.

  • I got sick and tired of not having the latest features, so I wanted a rolling release.
    • I recall that costantly not having the latest flash was one of my biggest grievances at that time, so I wanted HTML5 support as soon as possible.
  • I wanted my computer to be silent and small.
    • I wanted to use LXQT instead of cinnamon/Unity/Gnome 3, which was not available on Ubuntu, though I later settled on XFCE, which is good enough these days.

These were the reasons why, but now I’m staying due to the package manager and the really well written wiki.
Any new disk is going to get an Anarchy Linux install because I got tired of manual installations.

I advice other people to use Antergos or Manjaro instead, unless you like code nazis.

Because that’s what I consider the community to be.
I have been banned there at least 5 times for stuff like using images in my post and
asking questions while mentioning that I’m using Antergos/ArchBang/GNU Parabola/etc. which shouldn’t interfere with my wi-fi question.

Antergos has been discontinued.

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That makes the choice easier.
I advice using Manjaro then if you want a friendly community.

Might as well post mine too then…
Bought a new PC 3 years ago, drivers only for windows 10… didn’t boot it up once to windows, wipied it and put Manjaro on it, been happy ever since, even with AAA games (including all that time before Steam’s proton came along).
As for why, because everything I messed with before Manjaro ended up breaking horribly or had ancient packages that also contributed to breaking the system while trying to get some single program working because it just needed 1 newer dependency… have never EVER had this problem with Manjaro yet, highly recommended.

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I use Qubes OS for my personal laptop, utilizing Debian and Fedora VMs. I’ve been considering trying to get an Arch VM up on it, but it is only community supported, and not Qubes supported, so it makes me pause a bit.

I do have a W10 gaming PC, just because I don’t want to be fiddling around with settings for hours to make some games work properly in Linux. I don’t do anything other than games on it, though, so Microsoft just thinks I game and have no other hobbies.

At work I have W10.

thats true, dota 2 with a 660ti -> unplayble on a fresh weo 10 install but rocking full graphics on linux!!!