What OS do you use and why?



I started using arch linux around 2006, haven’t found the desire to use anything else since


okay so i did some research yesterday and read about systemd thing operating most of linux distributions, and i read it is dodgy thing to be fair and decided to ditch fedora for Devuan (Debian) that is based on init systems

My laptop works like charm now, it’s time to have some fun :slight_smile:


Blimey, there’s a freedom movement focused entirely about how Linux does system initialisation! Or more precisely, about keeping it open and compatible with other *nix’s and allowing different options, versus locking Linux into just systemd.

I know nothing about the debate, but at least now I know there is one. Thanks @cynicfm. :slight_smile:


W 8.1/7 + FF
It is easier to use same SW everywhere so it is main SW installed near me.


Debian (testing) on a lot of virtual machines because it only takes a few mins to install. I should probably switch to devuan but I can’t stand the name.Gentoo on everything else because you get ultimate cosmic power in a tiny little living space.


I’m considering ElementaryOS as my second LINUX install. I use OPENELEC for my media server but I’ve not had a daily driver LINUX instance before.

Anyone have experience with ElementOS and SAFE?


yeah the name is really hard to remember im like deuvan?? devuan??? duvan??


I use macOS because it’s pretty with the power of Linux


My desktop machine runs OSX (ancient version because I can’t upgrade my ancient Adobe apps), my laptop Ubuntu and Windows 7, my servers Debian or Ubuntu, my phone Android.

I already had SuSE Linux PPC on my second Mac, with Mac-on-Linux, especially to use TeX & friends and because I was missing a command line (started with CP/M and DOS), while I appreciate a good GUI. Gladly changed to OSX as soon as it was available. Bought my Windows laptop to develop for a customer (and seldom boot it into Linux because the battery lasts longer under Windows).


Ooh I’ve been contemplating System76 (slightly less expensive) vs Purism for my next laptop… I have two questions, if you don’t mind me asking:

  1. How’s the battery life on the Purism?
  2. Does the touchpad have separate button(s), or is the whole thing smooth and clickable like a Mac? (I prefer the Macbook-style just for aesthetic reasons :stuck_out_tongue: )


To tell you the truth I’m not really a laptop person, and I never used anything by Macintosh in my life. :slight_smile: I pretty much only use my Librem 15 for travel and I don’t have enough experience with other laptops to say anything useful about battery life. But my understanding is that you can easily change the battery yourself. Even the screws are made standard to make it easier to get to the insides of the thing if you need to. Purism is all about privacy, freedom and the customer really owning the hardware, instead of just sort of leasing it.

The trackpad has no separate buttons as can be seen here:
I read a review, which I can’t find right now, where some guy was praising the trackpad comparing it to a Mac. Personally, I always use a separate mouse, so I’m afraid I can’t help you there either. Aesthetics are of course a matter of personal taste, but what I like about my Librem 15 is the fact that it has no visible branding at all, unless you turn it over. It’s just all smooth and black aluminum. To me that practically screams quality. But of course, visible branding is important to some.


I use Manjaro for development running on a 16Gb i5 Optiplex I got for $250 from a government disposals sale.

I also have a OS X Mac for design work because Adobe hasn’t ported their stuff over to Linux.

@Msafe Is right about macOS, Awesome UX and with the Brew package manager it’s super powerful.


@JPL Buddy I’m also using Windows 10 OS.


Mac OS 10.13.5

2.3 GHz Intel Core i5

3 Ghz Intel Core i7

Would like more power but i travel a lot, so stick to laptop.


Several W10
Ubuntu 18.04
Kali Linux 64 Bit 2018.2


For anyone interested in Qubes there’s an excellent demo here by security researcher and journalist Micah Lee


I’m primarily using Linux. For religious reasons. :slight_smile:


I use Debian Testing with LXQT desktop environment. Loved Linux since being a student, lightweight, powerful, freedom. Windows is slow and full of security issues. Macbook is too expensive and limited.


On server I use Arch Linux, on personal terminal - Windows (not like I love it, but I need it for studying)


Been using Ubuntu since 12.04 on my Dev laptop. Been through the last few LTS releases 14.04, 16.04 and am now on 18.04.
For me it’s the best choice, it’s solid well supported and has a large community which mean if you have a problem likelihood is so has someone else and they have a fix.

I also run a Chromebook at home for general web browsing.
Glad to see most people on here are running some form on gnu/Linux - I don’t care what the new M$oft marketing department says they are a vicious evil corporation and can’t be trusted.